Mark Halperin will step back, have a cigarette, figure it out

Mark Halperin, the author of Game Change, says he will step back from his day-to-day work so that he can properly address his response to sexual harassment allegations. Halperin is an MSNBC Washington contributor who was hired to say the words “narrative,” “game changer” and”double down” in every daily discussion. He’s just one of many uninteresting unoriginal pundits with a familiar face most of us don’t bother attaching a name to because we change the channel before the thought occurs.

Halperin sees what everyone except MSNBC sees in himself in that he lacks an interesting personality or any kind of charm or charisma and so whenever it comes to making an attempt to court a woman or just say hello, he resorts to extortion as a stand-in. It’s just like Presidents, Hollywood bosses and even Republicans, the group that hates the poor and brown people.

The revelation put Morning Joe and Mika  (did they marry yet? are their divorces final?) in an awkward, terrible, oh my, position of having to announce the news of Halperin’s behavior since he is there every single freakin’ day adding to “Trump is so rotten” discussions. That job went to Mika because it’s Joe’s show and I think he calls the shots. She said:

Now to a story that broke overnight involving someone you see around this table every day. CNN is reporting allegations regarding our friend Mark Halperin during his time at ABC News over a decade ago, unnamed sources detailing unwanted advances and inappropriate behavior. Halperin apologized for the pain his actions caused and said, ‘I will take a step back from my day-to-day work while I properly address the situation.’

MSNBC told TheWrap “that the consequences for Halperin would be more severe than a ‘step back’ and that the contributor would be suspended until the matter could be sorted out.” and until the matter could be “fully understood.” Which is the same as a “step-back” since his suspension could end when it’s all “sorted out” as though there is anything to sort also what’s so difficult to understand?

TheWrap has a “source” at MSNBC with “knowledge of the situation”  who said it wasn’t “likely” Halperin would be back on Morning Joe. I hope TheWrap reporter doesn’t go to jail for not revealing that source. Talk about taking chances.

What’s the argument for not firing him? He admitted what he did. Well, not everything. He was accused of trying to kiss someone that didn’t want to be kissed and asking someone else for sex but according to CNN he denies pressing “his genitals” against women “with his clothes on” at least with the three that accused him of that and grabbing another women’s breast because that’s not his style.

But why not just fire him, why is everything euphemistic? If I were MSNBC I’d say, “we don’t tolerate misogyny from the patriarchy and so so we fired him. We thought it would be best since what’s the use of taking time out of our schedule to sort out the sordid? Not only will he not appear on Morning Joe but if we see him walking down the street in front of our office we’ll throw water out the window on his head. Probably the bucket too. If fact we’ll have Mika do it.”

Halperin said sorry for the pain he caused and that by stepping back it will allow him to, as he says “address the situation” as though it’s about passing a bad check. Then I could see MSNBC “sorting it out” that would make sense. The proper thing to do would be to apologize (which he did) but also admit shame (which no one does) then vow never to show his face again which anyone named Bill doesn’t.


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