Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Legislation To Protect Children From Mutilation Due To Transgender Lunacy (Video)

(Natural News) Perhaps one of the most shocking aspects of the transgender lunacy being pushed on American children is the legitimacy the effort has been given by once-renowned and respected medical organizations, and that includes going so far as to not push back on recommendations that kids be allowed to undergo life-altering, permanent gender reassignment surgery.

That includes Rachel Levine, a trans woman assistant secretary at Health and Human Services who herself is a pediatrician, having claimed recently that sex assignment surgery and puberty blockers were “lifesaving, medically necessary, age appropriate, and a critical tool.”

In response to this outrageous nonsense, Republican lawmakers led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia have begun to push back.

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“The bill is co-sponsored by Mary Miller (IL), Jeff Duncan (SC), Bob Good (VA), Matt Gaetz (FL), and Ralph Norman (SC) and Tony Gonzalez (TX),” The Post Millennial reported after having received a copy of the legislation.

“Of those in the GOP who do not back the bill, or who acquiesce to the medical gender transition of minors, Greene says they are ‘worthless.’ In June, some GOP lawmakers broached the Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act, so that minors could sue those doctors that harmed them through ‘gender affirmative care,’” the outlet continued.

The legislation, which has, of course, been shunned by culture-destroying Democrats, would make it a Class C felony, punishable by up to 25 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, to prescribe pharmaceutical “gender affirmation” to minors. It would also ban any and all taxpayer-funded insurance from paying for any similar treatment while banning institutions of higher learning from teaching the practices.

“The whole reason why I ran for Congress in the first place is because I am one of the Americans who are sick and tired of our government allowing the abuse of the American people, but when it comes to ‘gender-affirming care,’ which is really child abuse, this is actually an assault,” Greene told Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently.

“This practice should never happen. It is so disgusting and appalling and it’s an embarrassment to our country,” she added.

She added that Republicans need to step up to protect kids from this horrific ideology — and that’s really all that it is, the hard left pushing another destructive ideology.

“It’s puberty blockers that cause chemical castration, teenage girls actually having their breasts chopped off, teenage boys being castrated. This needs to be illegal, and I’m introducing a bill called the Protect Children’s Innocence Act, and it would create a law that would cause it to be a Class C felony,” Greene said.

And by the way, ‘gender-affirming care’ includes, per The Post Millennial: “castration, orchiectomy, scotoplasty, vasectomy, hysterectomy, oophorectomy, ovariaectomy, metoidoplasty, penectomy, phalloplasty, vaginectomy, vulvoplasty, reduction thyrochondroplasty, chondrolaryngoplasty, and mastectomy, in the event that these are done on healthy minors for the purpose of gender affirmation or to ‘cure’ gender dysphoria.”

Levine has claimed that these horrible procedures have been embraced by all of the medical community, but that’s a lie. A recent report from the Heritage Foundation “directly challenges claims from pro-transgender clinical organizations, activists, and the Biden administration that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones reduce suicides of minors who believe they are the opposite sex,” Breitbart News reported earlier this month.

“U.S. policymakers are seeking to make it easier for minors to access puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones based on the claim that doing so reduces suicide risk,” the report notes. “Studies finding that ‘gender-affirming’ interventions prevent suicide fail to show a causal relationship and have been poorly executed.

“A superior research design shows that easing access to puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones by minors without parental consent increases suicide rates,” the report added.

These Democrat leftists are monsters, pure and simple. They should not be in charge of anything having to do with our children.

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