Marine Major faces the boot on same possible charges against Hillary Clinton

Hillary-Clinton-Concession-Speech-2008-Hands-Up-593x442The plight of Marine Corps Major Jason Brezler could be described at a minimum as everything old is new again. However, on the other side of the coin, the case of Major Brezler could also be one of the premier cases of political hypocrisy in the history of the American Republic.

As reported by the Daily Caller on Aug. 15, 2015, the Marine Reserve officer is still fighting his dismissal from the Corps for sending via his private email account classified information, which in the broadest of terms, is the same situation presidential contender Hillary Clinton finds herself in.

Yet as the graduate of the US Naval Academy (popularly known simply as Annapolis) and also a four tours-of-duty combat veteran of Afghanistan openly admits, his sending of a singular classified document was to warn other Marines “in country” of an insider threat of an Afghan official with suspected ties to the Taliban, the opium trade, and the sexual slavery of underage boys could see him kicked out of the United States Marine Corps. The Washington Times reported on Aug. 16, 2015, that despite claims of innocence, investigators have flagged 60 emails originating from Hillary Clinton, “nearly all contained classified secrets at the lowest level of ‘confidential’ and one contained information at the intermediate level of ‘secret.'” The latest tally doesn’t count the initial two top secret emails found to have started with Clinton.

Initially reported by Fox News late in 2013, the full-time fire fighter and Marine Corps Reserve Major from New York City is facing what could loosely be translated as the military version of a Grand Jury Hearing stemming from his using an unsecured email account to warn fellow Marines that a high placed Afghan police commande,r Sarwar Jan, of being suspected of both posing a security risk as well as participating in pedophilia at US military installations. While serving in the Taliban hotbed of Helmand Province, Maj. Brezler responded to an urgent request from other Marines concerning the status of Sarwan Jan, who was routinely allowed open access to American bases as part of the Afghan Transition Team.

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Major Brezler responded with his information of the Afghan official’s shady security and sexual background. But the major’s major faux pas was that he used his Yahoo e-mail account to get the word out. For using his personal e-mail account, the combat veteran was initially under threat of essentially getting booted from the Corps under less than honorable conditions.


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