Marilyn Mosby’s MOTHER Resigned From Police Force for Being a Drug Addict

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3LF6ccjXMarilyn Mosby’s rationale for being pro cop is falling apart at the seams.  First we find that her grandfather sued the Boston Police force for discrimination because they would not allow him to remain on the force after an off duty accident that left him seriously visually impaired.  Although his time on the force was served with distinction, his frivolous lawsuit threw that all out the window.

Her father was also a Boston cop but was thrown off the force for shaking down drug dealers for cash and drugs.  Unlike his father, nothing about his career on the police force was laudable.  He was a crooked cop his entire career in my opinion.

“Law enforcement is pretty much instilled within my being.  I come from five generations of police officers,” she added, pointing out that her mother, father, grandfather and uncles have all served as cops.”

She failed to mention how they disgraced themselves and the forces they allegedly served.  At least her parents and grandfather did.

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