March in August


This August will be the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights march in Washington, D.C.  Blacks, whites, Jews, Christians, men, and women gathered in D.C. to protest the Jim Crow laws and segregation supported by the Democratic party.  They weren’t looking for special privileges, they just wanted a chance to grow and prosper with the rest of the country.

They were taking a big chance.  Should violence break out, it would have been used as an excuse to pummel the demonstrators.  The Democratic administration was investigating Dr. King for links to communists or any other scandal they could lay at his feet.  The country was on edge, yet they pulled it off without a hitch.  Their progress was slow, but it was progress.

Young black men and women began attending the colleges of their choice, after a very rough start.  No longer was separate but equal good enough.  There was finally hope in the eyes of poor blacks from the inner cities and in the deep South.

Today, that hope has disappeared and heroes of that march have now pledged their loyalty to the same party they fought 50 years ago.  Julian Bond, Harry Belafonte, and of course John Lewis.  Blacks are being held back again, but this time, they aren’t fighting back.  It’s time for them to get in their cars, onto trains, in airplanes and once again descend on Washington to demand equal rights.

Generally, they live in some of the worst neighborhoods and attend the worst schools, and generally end up in trouble with the law.  (We are just talking about the poor blacks)  This country cannot survive, while we allow an entire race of people to suffer such injustices.  The democrats use them to demonstrate and even riot, yet they are the victims.

Archaic and counterproductive teacher union rules assure them of a poor education and while liberals like to brag that they help more go to college , their dropout rate is high because they were never prepared in K-12.  The more experienced teachers get to choose their assignments and inner city schools get the scraps.  We are losing an entire generation of our youths, who could excel given a fair chance.

We don’t merely want to see them attend college, we shouldn’t just want to see them attend college, we should want to see them grow, mature, and excel in college.  We shouldn’t just want to see them land great jobs with great companies, we should want to see them own great companies.  We shouldn’t just want to see them represented by good politicians and leaders, we should want them to become great politicians and leaders.  A few make it now, but are castigated as Uncle Toms or oreos, just because they succeed and retain conservative values.

Who represents blacks in our government?  No one, not even black politicians.  Democrats know they will get over 90% of the black vote, even as the blacks suffer through the worst unemployment and the highest foreclosure rate in US history.  The liberals spend their political capital on the Latinos and gays.  There’s nothing left for blacks.  The republicans don’t represent them and I somewhat understand that because even as they fought the democrats on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and created affirmative action (Nixon) they continued to get less than 10% of the black vote.

Branch Rickey recognized that a great natural resource in this country was going to waste and owing to his strict Christian upbringing refused to see blacks as an inferior race and he hired Jackie Robinson to play in the major leagues.  We should be so wise.

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