Marc Lamont Hill marks Veterans Day with picture of Cuban soldiers, deletes from Twitter

Marclamonthill2On Wednesday, CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill decided to mark Veterans Day by posting a picture of soldiers to Twitter and Instagram.  There’s only one problem.  The soldiers in his picture were Cuban.  Communist Cuban.

He told one person he realized his mistake and deleted the tweet, but, Twitchy said, the picture was still live on Instagram at the time of its report.  Apparently, Hill realized it was still there and has since deleted it.  But not before Twitchy captured it for posterity:


It didn’t sit too well with a number of people.

But, Twitchy wondered, was it really a mistake?  Others wondered that as well.

The Gateway Pundit noted that Hill’s Twitter biography reads: “Morehouse College Professor. CNN Commentator. Host of BET News. co-CEO of Elite Voices. Exec Producer of For Colored Boys. Sixers Fanatic. Philly Born. ΚΑΨ MADE.”

In the meantime, we at the Conservative Firing Line would like to wish a happy Veterans Day to all those who have served this country in our armed forces, and would like to present this reminder:



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