Man mistaken for neo-Nazi because of short haircut, gets stabbed by Antifa thug

On Sunday, the UK Daily Mail reported that a Colorado man, identified as 26-year-old Joshua Witt, who, according to his Facebook page, is a boatswain’s mate for the U.S. Navy, was stabbed by an Antifa thug as he was getting out of his car to get a milkshake.

According to Witt, the assailant apparently mistook him for a neo-Nazi because of his short haircut.

“Apparently, my haircut is considered a neo-Nazi statement,” he told the New York Post on Saturday.

The Post added:

Witt says he’d just pulled in to the parking lot of the Steak ’n Shake in Sheridan, Colo., and was opening his car door.

“All I hear is, ‘Are you one of them neo-Nazis?’ as this dude is swinging a knife up over my car door at me,” he said.

“I threw my hands up and once the knife kind of hit, I dived back into my car and shut the door and watched him run off west, behind my car.

“The dude was actually aiming for my head,” he added.

As regular readers may recall, I recently wondered how long it would be before Antifa actually tried to behead those it considers to be “Nazis.”

The Daily Mail reported:

He says he has no tattoos or anything else that would indicate he’s a neo-Nazi, but says his friends have explained, it’s his haircut.

Witt’s cut is similar to what people have identified as the neo-Nazi cut after countless images have flashed on TV and online from the deadly Charlottesville, Virginia protests. His cut is long-on-top, buzzed-on-the-sides.

“Sooooooo apparently I look like a neo-nazi and got stabbed for it… luckily I put my hands up to stop it so he only stabbed my hand,” he wrote on Facebook.

“I’m just glad I have good reflexes and at least put my hands up cause the dude was aiming for my head,” he added.

Witt, the Daily Mail said, replied to a Facebook friend expressing concern: “I just don’t understand this world anymore lol people are crazy.”

Witt, who has no tattoos or anything else that might trigger Antifa thugs, says he’s now considering changing his hair style.

Keep in mind these are the people now being lionized by Mitt Romney, John McCain, Marco Rubio and many in the media.

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Exit question: When will the feds name Antifa a domestic terrorist group?


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