Man Dies, Leaves a Message: Don’t Vote for Hillary in Nov

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Massachusetts – What are these, obituary wars? The campaign for President even has  dying folks leaving messages. Carl Crocetti, 62, passed away on Sunday after a decline in health. But he left an important part of his obituary behind:

“Carl requested in lieu of flowers that people elect NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election in November.”

His son Carlo said his Dad was very animated and passionate about the Presidential election, and wanted to “Make America Great Again.”  He told reporters that his dad was like a “cartoon character” who loved hot cars, speedboats, and laughter.

He once came out to meet his son’s future wife wearing nothing but underwear and didn’t give a flying …you know. His son said that he wanted to honor his father as best he could, so he made sure the statement was in the official obituary.

It’s fairly obvious who he supported as a candidate.  Since the Dems are always letting dead people vote, can we get him to vote this November?

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Not alone

The funny part is, he’s not the only person that is leaving such messages.

Ernest Overbey, 65, from Virginia, passed on earlier, and left the message for everyone to vote for Trump. The Donald was so touched he tweeted out Mr. Overbey’s obit with the note, “Thank You very much! Ernest must have been a great person.”

Then there’s Jeffrey Cohen, a guy who begged the grieving to not vote for Donald Trump before he passed on.

When even those who are terminally ill are cranked on about the Presidential election this promises to be a knock-down drag out November. When you don’t feel good in the first place, it’s hard to muster the energy to have an opinion. These men seem to have managed to give theirs in spite of their terminal conditions.

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