Majority says Bill Clinton a predator, not a victim: Rasmussen

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A new Rasmussen poll says a majority of voters think Bill Clinton is a predator, not a victim.

In the wake of former President Bill Clinton’s televised suggestion that he was a “victim” of a sexual scandal involving a White House aide during his administration, a new Rasmussen survey says 53 percent of voters disagree.

Clinton’s scandal led to his impeachment in the House, but the Senate did not convict, so he remained president until he left office in 2001.

The former president is in the news Monday as several people are weighing on his “#MeToo moment.”

According to Rasmussen, “Seventy-five percent (75%) of Republicans and a plurality (48%) of voters not affiliated with either major party see Clinton as a sexual predator.

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Democrats are almost evenly divided on the question, but 30% are undecided.”

Writing in the Irish Times, Maureen Dowd observed:

“Bill Clinton was so popular that, during his cascading scandals with women, some political analysts on the left suggested that Americans should look at a commander in chief in terms of private character and public character, disregarding personal peccadilloes and giving weight only to policy decisions. But with the Clintons, the public and private were always intertwined in an inextricable and unappetising way. The desire among his supporters for a liberal agenda was held hostage to Bill Clinton’s libertine appetites. Let Bill be regressive and transgressive with women he was attracted to, and he would be progressive for all women. You want enlightened policies for women and a record number of women in exalted posts? Then you must endure – and cover up for – “Saturday Night Bill”, as the dark side of the president was dubbed.”

Clinton has been busy touting his new novel, but it led to last week’s interesting moment.
Rasmussen conducted a telephone survey June 7 and 10 from among 1,000 likely voters. It has a plus-minus percentage point margin of error.

Only 24 percent of survey respondents think Clinton was a victim of his political opponents. Fifty-three percent of men and 50 percent of women are likely to see Clinton as a predator.

Like his wife, the former president cannot seem to stay out of the spotlight. That narcissism has produced some embarrassing moments, and because of the new media attention to Clinton’s Oval Office scandal more may be on the horizon.

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