Majority of Americans agree with Ben Carson, say a Muslim should not be president

ben carson1Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson caused a firestorm of controversy when he said that he could not support a Muslim for president.  He later backtracked and said that he could not advocate supporting anyone who wants a theocracy, regardless of their religion.

But a YouGov poll released Friday indicates that a majority of Americans agree with Carson.  Moreover, a majority of Americans said Carson should not apologize for his statement.

Here’s the infographic from YouGov:

carson1-3YouGov added:

The views are consistent with Americans’ continued negative perception of the Islam in general. 55% have an unfavorable opinion of the religion in the survey, the same as when the question was last asked in March 2015.

Several of Carson’s critics pointed to a clause in the Constitution which says that there can be no religious test for public office in the United States.

Keep in mind that a majority of Muslims in America want Sharia law and nearly 25 percent support violence against “infidels.”


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