Lyin’ Joe Biden Gets Dragged On Social Media For Using Conspiracy Theory In Nomination Speech

Joe Biden has always had a checkered relationship with the truth. But using an easily discredited lie as the foundation of his campaign is a high-stakes gamble.

It’s an especially high-stakes gamble because what he is hoping to build his campaign upon is the ‘soul’ of the nation. The Democrats are leaning heavily upon words like ‘decency’ and ‘character’.

They must have a lot of confidence on the Democratic press running interference for them because that’s going to be a tough sell if the cornerstone of your attack against Trump is a lie.

We don’t mean the lies about Trump and COVID — although reminding the world about where the Democrats stood on Trump’s early positions to slow the spread of the Chinavirus is something they would prefer we all forget. Ditto for all the ways that Trump mobilized efforts to help save American lives in hard-hit cities. This includes persuading manufacturing plants to take a wartime footing on building components for PPE and Respirators, and launching Operation Warp Speed, and coordinating the Public and Private sectors so they were setting records on vaccine development. Or stockpiling medications that showed promise of helping American lives.

We also don’t mean the economic lies that Biden and company tell, whether exaggerating their own past successes, downplaying his enormous economic success, or blaming Trump for the economic numbers during a pandemic that they are ALL fighting to prolong as much as possible. One of Team Biden’s commercials even cynically blasted Trump’s economic numbers, featuring shuttered shop windows from footage filmed while the whole damned country was taking those infamous ‘fifteen days to slow the spread’.

Trump the one that wants as many businesses as possible to reopen and go back to living their lives, while the Media and the Left drag their feet. They are politicizing the hit to the economy. Just like Bill Maher had once openly dreamed of doing. Video: Bill Maher Admits He Would Rather See America Suffer Than Trump Succeed


What we mean is his endless lies about calling Trump a bigot when there is far more evidence that Biden is bigoted than there is of Trump being a racist.

He revisited the same theme and emotionally charged language about bulging veins and eyes or however he said it, claiming that Trump was embracing as ‘very good people’ the Jew-hating Klansman. Seeing as his own daughter and son-in-law are Jewish, that idea is ridiculous on its face.

And we’ve covered again and again why that is obviously untrue. (Links will be provided at the bottom if you need a refresher as to why this is a lie.) The simplest proof of that is the wider context of the quote. Read the transcript, or watch a clip long enough to include the part less than 60 seconds later telling us who he does NOT include in the ‘fine people’ comment.

The REAL scandal is that Biden and his party cannot bring themselves to denounce the very well-organized and highly funded fomenters of violence that have been burning down American cities under the pretext of caring about a guy named George. Can they even remember his last name, or that he was allegedly the reason we were seeing these ‘demonstrations?


We have debunked this lie before, in depth, from different angles.

You can see for yourself:

Speaking of bigots and very fine people, could Biden please explain himself in this video?

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