Lucy, Charlie Brown, The Football And Us

Did cartoonist Charles Schulz know when he created the scenario with Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football – suddenly withdrawn before Charlie Brown connects with a kick – would be the perfect metaphor for our modern age?

Big Government has to be Lucy; come on, you know it! Charlie Brown is the common man or woman, also known as most of us, just trying to navigate life. And then the football … ah, the football of life and opportunity, suspended momentarily in front of us, ready for the taking! Surely this is the metaphor for modern American life – or perhaps more correctly, modern, statist, nanny-occupied government. You know, the kind of government the Founders tried to save us all from! Instead, we all became addicted and thought this was why the nation fought the Revolutionary War.

Propaganda is a very overlooked tool of warfare. The federal income tax and the Federal Reserve freed Fedzilla from the chains of tariff-based financing. Now things like Fedzilla’s Department of Education could control what the Constitution denied them: education. Fake, made-up money (debt) was created by the Federal Reserve and political parties that promised educators windfalls to school districts willing to implement Fedzilla’s indoctrination scheme into state educational requirements. Constitution? What Constitution? We don’t see no Constitution!

Today we have television news, which is bought-and-paid-for news, free for us to consume, so we understand the narrative, which always explains everything we need to know to buy off on fake elections, fake officials and fake government.

Big Tech was eager to do its part, perhaps because Fedzilla was so generous with its tax receipts, which paid for constitutional violations that would have jailed government employees doing the same data collection.

We are not quite where the citizens of the old Soviet Union were when communism pulled the rug out from under Mother Russia … but we are on the same slippery slope.

“Follow the science!” we are told by Big Government’s advocates. But are we to follow that science even into the modern, updated Nazi death camps? Where did the science lead the German citizens of the World War II era, after the Jews had been removed from Hitler’s Germany? The science left the Jews, with their identity number tattooed on their bodies, awaiting mass graves somewhere outside the death camps. Never be too eager to follow the science!

“The science” never leads to freedom and dignity when it is run by tyrants and titans. Remember the world’s golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. DARPA created Big Tech and then handed it over to private dictator-puppets to administer.

The science they want us to follow today is Artificial Intelligence, programmed by the same tyrants who would erase freedom from human DNA, if we ever give them the chance. Tyranny often cloaks itself as compassion, until the victim is ensnared and unable to retreat. AI is a computer program created by men and women whose egos rival that of their father, the devil. These things are supposed to be decided by an age ignorant of history and the literary classics, including the Constitution. Trust us! Everything will be free. You will own nothing. And we will be very happy!

Does the point ever come where humanity has had enough? Are we going to kick the football through the goalposts this time? Has Lucy undergone an AI-inspired personality transplant, and will now let us finally connect with the football and score that last big game point?

Or is it game over for humanity, and God cedes the world to Satan and his minions? “That’ll teach them,” God mutters as he walks off the battlefield, leaving us to fend for ourselves, while we learn to serve our new masters.

Money and power don’t serve humanity. Rather, it is humanity that serves them. But truly our service is owed directly to our Creator, not anyone’s AI and propagandized world. It was all tried long ago. There was an exodus for the people of God then, and there is an exodus coming now for those willing to trust our Eternal Father and our Deliverer, His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Bride has yet to have her day, but on that day she will take no prisoners.

Earth’s Final Kingdom, by Craige McMillan

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