Low-infos threaten to leave U.S., move to Alaska, Hawaii if Donald Trump wins

donkeyderpIf you ever wondered why we conservatives refer to liberal voters as “low-information,” consider this.  A company that analyzed tweets opining about Donald Trump observed that about 200,000 of those messages mentioned fleeing the country if the media mogul and current front-runner wins.

Most wanted to go to Mexico, while others picked Canada.  But some actually picked Alaska and Hawaii.

That’s right — These idiots actually think Alaska and Hawaii are separate countries.

Citing USA Today and the company’s own blog, Examiner reported:

About 5,800 mentioned moving to Alaska while 1,500 chose Hawaii. USA Today said those choosing the two states “may be surprised to arrive and discover that Trump is still their president…”

Of course, we all know that’ll never happen.  Liberals always threaten to leave the country if a Republican wins, but they never do.  Of course, it would solve the immigration problem…

Do I need to say it?  I guess so:

stupid-burnsMore here.


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