Low-information voter favorite Robin Kelly blames victims for Aurora movie shooting

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kelly2Apparently, being a Democrat means never having to get your facts straight.

Late last week, Robin Kelly, a Democrat running to fill Jesse Jackson Jr.’s congressional seat in Chicago, blamed the Aurora movie shooting on the victims, claiming that no one in the theater pulled out their weapon to shoot back.

Just one problem:  The theater did not allow concealed weapons.  But if you’re a gun-grabbing Democrat, facts don’t matter.

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From Examiner:

While speaking to the crowd, Kelly said that “in the movie [theater], they have conceal and carry, but nobody pulled out their guns to kill the gentleman that did all the damage that he did.”

But a post at Breitbart.com noted that the theater where the shooting took place “had a policy banning guns from the premise.”

She also lamented the Supreme Court’s ruling that prohibits bans on concealed carry laws.

“I’m hoping that we have the weakest conceal and carry,” she said.

The banner on her Facebook page also carries her strident anti-Second Amendment message.

A post at Guns Saves Lives calls her the “low-information voter favorite” and said she “has no idea about this and instead blames unarmed people for not pulling out their non-existent guns.”

Low-information, indeed.

Breitbart said that Kelly refused to participate in a debate sponsored by the NAACP and held her own candidate forum rather than face Paul McKinley, her Republican opponent.

Sadder still, Roll Call says she is “all but assured to win her special-election bid” in next Tuesday’s special election.

She’s also been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune and Barack Obama and has received $2 million from Bloomberg’s anti-gun group.

Oh, joy.

More, with video, at Examiner.com.


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