Louisiana Man Arrested For Threatening To Kill All Whites

A black man has been arrested after he began threatening to kill all white people.   Jacob Watson, 22, of New Orleans, was arrested on Tuesday after he threatened a woman and her three grandchildren.  It is not known who will be defending him, CNN or MSNBC.  He is also suspected of being a racist without an ESPN license and of plagiarizing Jemele Hill.

Police also put local schools on notice after Watson told the grandmother that he was contemplating shooting up a school.  As it turns out, this was not Watson’s first rodeo.  He is also suspected of making a September 8th statement in which he said he planned to kill a bunch of whites and become famous.

According to the Gretna Police Department

Earlier today (12 September 2017), an individual made threatening remarks to patrons at Bellevue Park in Gretna. He threatened the park, as well as the nearby school. We canvassed the area and were unable to find the individual. However, we maintained a presence in the area, as well as notified the school resource officers and school. Within the last hour, we have arrested the individual and he is in custody. We would like to thank the witnesses that made this arrest possible and remind you to call 911. Our page is not monitored 24/7, nor is it accessible to our dispatchers. Always call 911, even when it is not an emergency.

Once authorities apprehended Watson, he reportedly confessed that he made the threats to see how people would react.

Police charged him with two counts of terrorizing, and he is being held on $100,000 bond.

The Times-Picayune reported that police believe Watson had also been involved in an unrelated incident September 8 where witnesses say that a man allegedly said he would “kill all white people” and “make the news.”

Before his arrest, Watson had already been on probation stemming from a prior conviction that was scheduled to expire in 2019. It is unclear whether he would face an additional charge for violating his probation.

Watson also has a lengthy rap sheet that includes theft, burglary, battery, and narcotics possession charges.

Watson is just another victim, caught up in the white liberal plan to separate America by race, while at the same time blaming it on Trump, even though it began with Barack Obama and has continued throughout the last election cycle and carried over to the post election derangement that is prevalent on all the mainstream media coverage of President Trump.

Police did not say where the earlier incident occurred. They said people from both incidents identified Watson as the man threatening violence, and he allegedly admitted to the threats in an interview before being jailed.

Watson added that the threats were “a prank to see the expressions on the (victims’) face,” police said.

Police said Watson has a history of drug, burglary, theft and battery charges. He was on probation until 2019 for a burglary conviction, and earlier this year he had completed a stretch of probation related to a separate break-in case, police said.


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