Losing Faith in America

Drag queen faith
Drag queen dressed as an evil character reads to children. Screengrab: YouTube

“The diminishing light of civil liberty in this land is linked directly to the lack of preaching on it in today’s pulpits.”

The above quote is from Dr. Alice Baldwin, the author of the book “The New England Pulpit and the American Revolution.”

Dr. Baldwin is absolutely right. It was the powerful, non-politically correct preachers of the American frontier that shaped the moral standards of government and life in this country, and today, every major problem this nation is facing can be traced to walking away from the biblical principles upon which this nation was founded.

Today, I posted a picture on my Facebook page of a demonic cross dresser, complete with horns and kabuki makeup, reading to children at the Michelle Obama Library.

When did exposing American children to sexual perverts become acceptable?

And more importantly, what are “We The People” going to do about it?  Are the children of America worth fighting for? I say YES!

The only way the agendas of the political left can succeed is if they can drive Christian morality out of America.   Liberalism cannot survive where faith in God is strong.
The United States was founded to be a place where men and women of faith could worship freely, without fear of persecution. But left wing politics have turned this nation into a persecutor of Christians.

The left has declared war on Christianity, in particular, Christian moral standards.

And the most despicable tactic of the left is that they are deliberately targeting American children for homosexual recruitment and propaganda.

If the USA will not fight to protect American children from sexual perverts, then perhaps the USA is a nation that no longer deserves to exist.

The apathy of the American people is shameful. Millions of parents send their children off to public schools apparently without caring what they are being exposed to by militant left wing educators.

As a Christian, I know that the most powerful tool to defeat such evil agendas is the biblical principles that guided the Founding Fathers in establishing the USA.

The Ten Commandments are as much a founding document of the USA as the Declaration of Independence. We The People need to demand that our church pastors get back to preaching about America’s political situation. And when the preachers start preaching American morality then it is up to the people to take that morality into the streets and to challenge the demonically immoral left…boldly and without fear of their cries of “homophobia” or bigotry,etc.

The American people need to know what God has to say about the political standards of today and that means that the Christians of America better get off their knees and out into the streets.

This nation is worth fighting for.  Our children are worth fighting for.  The enemy is clearly evil and their goals despicable. The battle is clearly defined between good and evil and Americans must rise to the challenge.  This is what “God and Country” is all about.


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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad
Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)

Bill Finlay

I am a retired Deputy Sheriff and spent most of my life in the Colorado Rockies. Today, I do video blogs as "Wild Bill for America" with the mission of calling this nation back to the "God and Country" principles upon which the USA was founded.

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