Loretta Lynch Refused to Charge Money Launderers for Terrorists

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When Loretta Lynch was a US Attorney General for the Eastern District of New York, one of the cases she had to handle was a money laundering charge against the executives at HSBC Bank.  Just years before, HSBC was caught doing the same thing.  They allegedly washed money for drug cartels in Mexico and Muslim terrorists all over the world.  Lynch settled out of court with them and allowed the terrorist money launderers go free.

One of the many, many questionable cases Loretta Lynch handled as a U.S. Attorney General was one that concerned HSBC bank and its money laundering of drug and terrorist money.  This wasn’t even a first offense as they had been found guilty just a few years earlier of the exact same offense.

The result was no one went to jail or even stood trial and HSBC was fined 3 days profit.  HSBC had set aside 2 billion dollars to pay their fine and they had already been told that no one would be going to jail.  The fine was 1.9 billion.  Wonder what happened to the other 100 million.  ACORN or La Raza?

John Cruz, who is a former HSBC vice president and relationship manager, has over 1,000 pages and hours and hours of evidence that he had gathered.  Lynch had his evidence but never once bothered to interview him on what he knew.  HSBC warned Cruz that if he kept investigating the bank’s money laundering, he would lose his job.  He kept investigating and he was fired.  So were other whistleblowers across the planet.  Cruz has sued for unlawful firing.

Cruz also said that in 2009, company auditors told him that the company had set aside 2 billion dollars to cover the fine and that no one would be going to jail.  The fine was 1.9 billion.  I wonder who got the other 100 million.  Considering how much money HSBC makes every year in the United States, 100 million would be petty cash if it washed away their problems.

Cruz’s lawyer had gone to the DHS in 2010 and gave him a copy of the evidence he had to an Agent DiGregorio.  Two years later WND was part of a meeting between the same DiGregorio with Cruz on the phone.  A couple of days after the meeting, DiGregorio called Cruz and accused him of being a disgruntled employee

Cruz had also gone to the IRS and he met with Internal Revenue Service Special Agent David Wagner and Supervisory Special Agent Kevin B. Sophia. Cruz said that both men were shocked at the sheer volume of evidence and the extremely large amounts of money that were laundered.  The bank kept 70 some odd accounts, using the social security numbers of past and present HSBC customers.  That is called identity theft.  They would transfer the money from one account to another until the money could be returned to the terrorists and drug cartels, minus HSBC’s hefty fees.

The IRS pays 10% of any recovered monies as bounty to anyone who rats out tax cheats.  For some unexplained reason, the IRS did not collect a dime and refused to pay Cruz for the information he provided.

The Senate Judiciary Committee grilled Cruz for hours and despite the overwhelming evidence, confirmed Lynch in a close vote.

Why did the Obama administration bury the investigation and who got the paid off in the cover up.  We may never know but we can come up with some pretty good guesses.


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