Looking back at biggest political losers of 2017

Pelosi Puerto Rico
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was one of the big political losers of 2017, according to one GOP observer.

If 2017 has given the American public anything, it has been melodrama, comedy and an abundance of downright stupidity, and a list of political losers from which one can pick and choose their not-so-favorites, as did GOP communications specialist T.J. McCormack Tuesday morning on “Fox and Friends.”

His top loser for the year was Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, for defending Rep. John Conyers who resigned from Congress after disturbing reports of sexual misconduct were exposed. Conyers, a perennial anti-gunner among his other problems, was not even around to vote against the concealed carry reciprocity bill.

Conyers, of course, is another loser, whose political career on Capitol Hill dates back to 1965 – should anybody be allowed to serve that long? – and who might epitomize much that is wrong with making politics a career.

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McCormack also singled out Congresswoman Maxine Waters, for having pushed impeachment talk against President Donald Trump.

Likewise, Texas Congressman Al Green suffered an embarrassment of monumental proportions when he tried to interject his impeachment legislation into the middle of the discussion on reciprocity. It was soundly rejected on a strong bipartisan vote.

But there are other losers, many of whom have found their names in the writings here at Conservative Firing Line.

Cook County, Illinois Commissioner Richard Boykin’s suggestion that United Nations peacekeeper troops should patrol the streets of Chicago generated heavy attention, and an enormous amount of attention on conservative chat groups. It made him appear as something of an ill-informed alarmist who apparently doesn’t know that the UN has no jurisdiction anywhere on American soil.

Let’s not overlook Capitol Hill Republicans, who spent the first 11 months of the year making it appear they could not get their act together. They failed to take down Obamacare, but come out of 2017 on top by passing a major tax reform package without a single vote from Democrats. House Republicans also scored by passing the reciprocity bill, but it still must get by Senate Democrats, which could be a long shot.

Let’s not forget Hillary Rodham Clinton. She turned losing, and finger-pointing, into an art form this year. Her “blame book” tour may have helped stroke her ego a bit, but it has been selling at a discount. Clinton, some conservatives hope, could still be in trouble over the email fiasco, uranium deal and other things.

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The City of Seattle is something of a loser, having suffered through a rather sordid mayoral scandal. Far Left Democrat Ed Murray resigned amid allegations – which he strenuously denied – of sexual misbehavior with young teenage boys many years ago, including one accuser who is his cousin. The city then saw one temporary mayor followed by an interim mayor and finally a new mayor elected in November.

Seattle won against a court challenge to its so-called “gun violence tax,” but it lost an associated case when it tried to withhold revenue figures in violation of the Public Records Act, thanks to a lawsuit filed by the Second Amendment Foundation and the senior editor of its monthly magazine, TheGunMag.com. It was a text book First Amendment case filed by a Second Amendment organization. It doesn’t get much better than that.