Lindsay Lohan cuts finger – now understands the plight of refugees

Lindsay Lohan - refugee. (Google Image re-use)
Lindsay Lohan – refugee. (Google Image re-use)

Lindsay Lohan was supposed to be the next Ann-Margret. As it turns out, Lohan has spent more time in and out of jails and rehab facilities more than, well… Lindsay Lohan.

But to listen to her, Lohan very well might prefer that the soundtrack of her life be the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers song “Refugee.” Or at least “I Know What it’s Like to be a Refugee.”lindsay-lohan-finger-snapchat-today-inline-161003_3a65edbf8c34c6cdb694ce8292adb81a-today-inline-large

On the heels of recently losing part of a finger (and subsequently having it re-attached) due to a mishap involving a yacht anchor, the Bronx-born redhead decided to dedicate her life assisting those Syrians seeking to escape their country’s revolution/civil war/invasion by ISIS and al-Qaeda.

As reported by the New York Post’s PageSix.com, the temporarily digitless Lohan now knows that it’s like to be a refugee;

“Losing half of my finger and getting it back was one of the best things that happened to me,” she explained to CNN on a Facebook livestream Thursday from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

“If that didn’t happen to me, if I didn’t lose a part of myself essentially — and I weirdly think about this when I meditate — I wouldn’t have stayed in Turkey. I wouldn’t have stayed there, and I wouldn’t have understood what it feels like to lose a limb.” Yikes.

Lohan may also know what it’s like to lose a fortune.

Channeling her inner Ann-Margret.
Channeling her inner Ann-Margret.

Word out of London is that she was facing bankruptcy for failing to pony up £77,600 (nearly $100,000) worth of back-rent on her £3.5million ($4.3 million) home in London’s hoity-toity Knightsbridge district.

London’s The Daily Mail is reporting that she’s been able to beg and borrow enough money to keep the English debt collectors off her back.

Amazingly enough, the cash-strapped actress who hasn’t starred in a hit film for over 13 years, managed to check into  into the five-star £400-a-night ($490) Blakes Hotel.

As reported;

Despite her financial woes the actress is said to have flown first class to Bali for a holiday.


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