Limbaugh prediction instantly comes true: Center for American Progress’ Igor Volsky demands no SCOTUS nominee until after Mueller report

On Wednesday, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh predicted that leftists would demand there be no nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy until after President Trump is cleared of all wrongdoing by Special Counsel Bob Mueller.  Sure enough, the Center for American Progress’ Igor Volsky said exactly that.

“I’m gonna tell you what’s gonna happen,” Limbaugh said. “I’m almost so confident of this that you can make book on it, and it may have already happened. I can’t… The situation is a little bit different. It’s tougher to follow what’s on the monitors just ’cause we’re in a different place. It’s not an excuse. Just saying if it’s happened… Everything’s fine, nothing’s wrong, just different. I think you can make book on the fact that the Democrats and the Drive-Bys are gonna argue that Trump cannot be permitted to nominate a Supreme Court justice until we hear from Bob Mueller.”

He added:

“Until Trump is cleared of all wrongdoing, he should not be permitted to name a Supreme Court justice, because it is entirely possible,” they will say, “that Trump is going to be indicted for colluding with Putin to steal the election from Hillary, making any Supreme Court nomination illegitimate and illegal.” Make book on it. Some variation of that is going to be stated, is going to be uttered by somebody out there on the left. And as I say, they may have already done it. But if they haven’t, it’s gonna happen before the end of the day, and they’ll try to find one of the most (they think) respected, reasonable, “pragmatic” Democrats.

Limbaugh later said:

One other thing on the Supreme Court thing, and I don’t think anybody’s mentioned it so I’m gonna mention this prediction of mine again, that before today is out somebody somewhere is gonna say we need to hold off and not permit Trump to name a replacement until Trump is cleared of all allegations hanging over his head. “Trump — since he may be forced from office and may be found guilty of colluding or obstructing — should not be allowed to appoint the next justice of the court for a lifetime term until he’s cleared.

It didn’t take that long for someone to fulfill Limbaugh’s prediction.

Shortly after Rush stated that, Volsky tweeted: “In light of the overwhelming evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to undermine our democracy and sway the 2016 election, there should be no confirmation hearing or vote on Justice Kennedy’s replacement until we see a full report from Mueller.”

“Overwhelming” evidence?  What evidence might that be?  Others wondered that as well:

That explains it…

And no tweets from Maxine Waters…

One person suggested:

Another person predicted:

We agree…


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