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Lily Tang Williams is a Communist survivor…one who is running for the U.S. Senate in Colorado. What she sees happening to America has caused her to “get off the couch” and get involved in politics.

Born in Szechuan Province in Communist China, Lily grew up under dictator Mao Tse Tung. She was indoctrinated into Communist thinking at an early age. All of that changed when she came to America 27 years ago. With the help of her husband, she finally began to see the parallels with what happened in China to what is happening here.

Shame and Humiliation

One of her most powerful memories was when she was 7 years old and told her friend, ‘I bet I will be in the first batch to join the Young Pioneers.’ It showed that she was “too cocky, too confident.” Her friend  told the teacher, and Lily was publicly ridiculed for not being “humble.” She didn’t conform, so her teacher held her back.  The teacher purposely shamed and embarrassed her – the memory of that day is still vivid in her heart.

Photo of Lily as a school girl in China

Those days of shame and humiliation are long gone, but Lily says it took her about “20” years to “wake up” to the actions of the US government.

“When I was a child, we were always afraid of criminals coming to our home. We had no way to defend ourselves. The only weapon we could have was a kitchen knife- nothing else. We were banned from owning guns…

Gun control is the one of the first steps to tyranny. Mao disarmed the people. We were defenseless. Hitler also did the same.  Anyone who disagreed was considered a ‘counter-revolutionary.’ Millions died.”

When she reflects on the fear of the government that was rampant in her childhood, she worries about what America is becoming. She sees the continual attempts to ban high capacity magazines and weapons as steps to expand government control over the people of America.

Because of her passion to stop America from going down that same road, Lily is running as a Libertarian because she does not see any difference between the Republicans and the Democrats.

“Because I hate to see the country I love becoming more like the country I left.” Lily

 slave no more
“I was a slave before, I will never be one again” – Lily Williams





How many times do you have to be a battered woman before you wake up?”

That one single statement was a powerful example of this woman’s viewpoint.  The government’s indoctrination of children through Common Core, and the lack of differences in the two party system are just two of the things that make Lily fire up. Added to the gun control issue, it becomes much like that battered woman syndrome – continually voting for the same thing over and over again.

They will not listen to us! They treat us like peasants! They’re doing that Common Core crap to our children…if they have your kids for 8 years, they have your kids. Deprogramming them becomes extremely difficult.” Lily

Lily has met with groups around the West regarding Common Core, teaching them about the dangers of Federal government involvement in education, and what indoctrination looks like.

Republicans-Conservatives-Liberals are all the same

Lily at first became a Republican. But she says she realized that “the Republicans left me!” She felt betrayed by them. They did not shrink the size of government, as people who call themselves Conservative say they believe.

Those labels like ‘Conservative’ are imposters – just lies… We are broke.” Lily

With an $18 Trillion plus debt, and the constant passage of thick legislative actions that no one reads, the size of the Federal Government continues to balloon.  She sees clearly that all the debt lands squarely on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren.

Calling out to everyone

Where are the Patrick Henrys who cry out ‘Give me liberty or give me death’?” She told me.

Individual freedom is something Lily Williams strongly believes in. Not the “collective society” that is espoused by the progressives/socialists. She is also fiercely passionate about where she sees America headed.

“Under Mao, when you looked at pictures of the Chinese people, you did not see smiles. You did not see colorful clothes. Totalitarian governments want robots, not individuals. There was repression…

 That’s why, when I vote, I vote by my values, my principles… I pick the best candidate that matches what I believe. Don’t vote the way your party wants you to vote, don’t vote for someone who is always expanding the government, or uses the power of the state to erode our rights, we have to fight for our freedoms.

 Whether you like politics or not, they affect your life every day. Get involved. Wake up. It is your priority to hold public servants accountable…What kind of politician do you want?

 I want to go to Washington to do a hell of a job and kick some butt.  Give the people fresh energy, excitement, and inspiration. I’m the first candidate from Communist China to run for U.S. Senate and I am running to beat the ‘machine.’”

The following video from Lily’s website gives an excellent feel for her passion and commitment to America.  Her Facebook page, Lily4Liberty, is at this link. Follow her on Facebook, and keep an eye on her website as changes are made. She asks that you please share her stories and freedom messages.

“Nobody will fight for our freedoms except ourselves.”  

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