Lifelong Democrat Doug Schoen: My Party “Rotten to the Core” [VIDEO]

Doug Schoen is a lifelong Democrat who is also a realist who dislikes what he sees as the party’s total corruption.  He is also a former staff member of the Bill Clinton White House, and believes that Hillary is corrupt right down to her orthopedic shoes.

Schoen made his observation after the latest revelation that Hillary forced the DNC to make an agreement that gave her total control of all the money the DNC spent and how money was laundered from state parties to her campaign that got around limits on contributions to her campaign.

Schoen is a left-wing Democratic operative that is in partnership with another lifelong Democratic operative, Pat Caddell, who worked for the Carter administration.  Both have been critical of their party since the beginning of the Obama era, or “error,” as many might say.  Appearing on Hannity, Schoen said, “My party is rotten to the core.”  He also called for a special prosecutor to investigate all of the crooked dealings of Hillary Clinton.

According to the Conservative Tribune:

Schoen, who once worked for the Clintons as an advisor, said a “special counsel” was needed to “look at Secretary Clinton and her campaign and her activities.”

“We need to clean up our system,” he continued, but noted that Clinton wasn’t the only one guilty of corruption in the Democrat Party.

“Let’s be honest here, Sean,” Schoen said. “Bernie Sanders had pulled out, effectively, before California and was negotiating for a plane and speaking engagements in the fall before he even lost, and before he even conceded.”

When Hannity pointed out that the funding agreement was signed long before Sanders had pulled out of the race, Schoen didn’t back down from his overall conclusion that the party, as a whole, had major problems.

“This is corrupt, Bernie Sanders wasn’t honest, my party is rotten to the core,” he said.

When challenged by Sanders’ National Justice Director Tezlyn Figaro on the assertion that Sanders didn’t necessarily have clean hands during the election, Schoen agreed that Clinton’s collusion was despicable, but there were “multiple acts of corruption and political malfeasance involved.”

As a “proud and loyal Democrat,” the analyst said he wanted the whole thing “cleaned up.”

He further explained his position in an article for The Hill.

“Though Brazile’s revelations solidify Bernie Sanders’s longstanding assertion that the primaries were rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton, Sanders was no more honest,” he wrote.

“The Sanders campaign wrote a memo to the DNC just two days before California saying he would not contest at the convention, effectively conceding the nomination before California, provided that Sanders received a private plane and staff to be paid for by the DNC for fall campaigning in order to keep his democratic socialism movement alive.”

Schoen also commended Donna Brazile for revealing corruption in the Democratic party but he also noted that she was corrupt in feeding Hillary questions that would be asked during the debates with Bernie Sanders.

Said Schoen:

“Above all and unequivocally so, this comportment is obscene, dishonest, and represents a level of malfeasance we have not seen before.  The body stinks from the head down, and the core itself is rotten too.”


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