Liberals upset that Trump kids killed triceratops, saber-toothed tiger — Video

The stupid marches on.

triceratopsThis is why we call them “low-information voters.”  On Monday, Mark Dice posted a video in which he asked beach-goers in San Diego what they think of reports that Donald Trump’s children killed dinosaurs like the triceratops and other extinct critters for sport.

The answers he received are not only shocking, but speak volumes about the IQ of a growing number of voters.

One person, for example, told Dice that, “a saber-toothed tiger is a beautiful animal.”

saber-toothed tiger

Never mind that they’ve been extinct for at least 10,000 years

They were also outraged that the Trumps killed a triceratops — a dinosaur that’s been extinct for some 65 million years…

You really have to watch this madness to believe it:

One person on YouTube asked: “…are Americans REALLY THAT STUPID !?!”

Sadly, yes.  Or at least a large number of them.

Worse yet, many of them vote…

God help us.

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