Liberals on Twitter celebrate Fourth of July by declaring: America was never great

Liberals declare America Was Never Great on July fourth.It seems that every year about the Fourth of July, liberals declare their abject hatred of America.  Their declarations of hatred are just as much a part of the holiday as fireworks these days.  This year is certainly no exception, as liberals took to Twitter to declare that America was never great, and they’re doing it with the hashtag, “#AmericaWasNeverGreat.”

Then leave, please.  And don’t go away mad, just go away…

This is only a small sample of the idiocy that permeated Twitter this morning, and naturally, it sparked a backlash:

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It also happens to be the default position of the low-information left which, by the way, happens to support Hillary Clinton.

That sounds similar to something I suggested recently.  At the time I was being a bit sarcastic…


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