Liberals Develop a New School Shooting Plan

HiRes-resized-600Do they arm teachers?  No.  Do they hire armed guards?  No.  Do they put locks on classroom doors?  No.  Arne Duncan, Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan devised a totally different plan.  Run and hide.  Brilliant.  I’m sure none of the kids at the schools where shootings occurred tried that.  Maybe someone should explain to Mr Duncan that the French army tried that method in WW1 and WW2 and it didn’t work either time.

“Leave your personal items behind.”  Sheer genius.  I’m sure many kids stopped and tried to retrieve their new 634 count of crayons before trying to get away.  Maybe swing by the gym for those white socks standing up in the corner of their locker.  And if you can’t run or hide?  Fight back with a fire extinguisher or a chair.  Hopefully, Obama is visiting your school that day, because an empty chair works best.  Good thing most schools are equipped with bulletproof chairs and high caliber fire extinguishers.

Now, I ask you.  Just how utterly clueless you have to be to come up with such an inane plan?  And to make it worse, they actually brought teachers in and paid them to learn how to run and hide.  Couldn’t they have just sent them a tape of Obama being asked about Benghazi?

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