Liberal thugs BEAT man’s dog over Donald Trump

Liberal thugs beat innocent dog over Donald Trump Screengrab: Twitter

How sick and twisted are liberals?  According to a report at Twitchy, so sick that they actually assaulted and brutally beat a man’s dog over Donald Trump.

According to the report, Arthur Schwartz was simply walking his dog in New York City when the animal was attacked by violent liberals apparently seeking revenge for Trump’s victory.

Twitchy noted:

Poor baby. Who DOES this to an animal? A defenseless, innocent animal who had NOTHING to do with Donald Trump being elected president was beaten and kicked and had things thrown at it.

Peaceful protest our foot.

According to the report, liberals threw bottles at them and kicked the dog.  As a result, the animal suffered cuts all over his body, and had to have a drain in his neck to allow drainage from a wound.

According to Schwartz, the assailants threw a bottle at them and missed him, but the dog was struck in the head.  After that, they threw more things at the dog and began kicking him:


Making matters worse, some actually defended the unprovoked attack:

Schwartz responded:

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That pretty much sums it up.

In February 2011, I first said that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.  Sadly, liberals prove that assertion correct on just about any given day.

Liberals, in their apparent effort to foment violent insurrection, have repeatedly called for the murder of Trump and his supporters.  Some have even demanded the Electoral College ignore the will of the voters and engage in a coup d’etat to install Hillary Clinton as President.

How much farther will they go?  And how long will it take for President Obama to call for law and order?


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