Liberal Salon thinks Donald Trump is president — over a month before his inauguration

Trump RussianIt seems the folks at the far-left Salon think Donald Trump has already been inaugurated.  An article published by the site on Thursday screams: “Hey, President Donald Trump: Do you know where your bombs are falling?”

Here’s a screenshot of the post as of this writing:

Salon Trump

Truth Revolt reported:

That’s right, more than a month away from setting up house in the Oval Office and Trump is already being blamed for bombing Syria.

Even though the article is about the long-running Syrian conflict, it begins with a full paragraph demonizing Trump and his cabinet picks as “a segregationist attorney general, a national security adviser who is a raging Islamophobe, a secretary of education who doesn’t believe in public schools, and a secretary of defense whose sobriquet is ‘Mad Dog.'”

(As an aside, I think it’s perfectly desirable for a SecDef to have a nickname like “Mad Dog”; at the very least, it sends a message. Would Salon prefer that our second-in-command of the military have a “sobriquet” like “Chicken” or “Pussycat”? Actually, yes. Yes, they would.)

“Along with a deeply divided country,” the article continues, “the worst income inequality since at least the 1920s, and a crumbling infrastructure, Trump will inherit a 15-year-old, apparently never-ending worldwide war.” And who is to blame for those problems? Trump? No, current President Barack Obama. It’s Obama whom Salon should be asking, “Do you know where your bombs are falling?”

Salon started the piece with a disclaimer that read: “This piece originally appeared on TomDispatch.”

But that doesn’t excuse Salon for its highly inaccurate headline.

Exit question: Will Facebook/Snopes/Politifact label the Salon piece as “fake” and bury it?


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