Liberal Salon: Americans who think Hillary lies are sexist

Crooked Hillary blames whites, guns for Baton Rouge murders
Crooked Hillary blames whites for Baton Rouge, targets guns.

If you think that Hillary Clinton is a liar, it’s not because she lies — it’s because you’re a sexist bigot.  Or so says the radical far-left Salon.  On Wednesday, the outlet tweeted:

Got that? It’s your fault and the “right-wing” media — not the fact that Hillary has a 40+ year record of lying.

According to Heather Digby Parton:

Is America headed for a recession?

The main problem for Clinton is that people think she is a congenital liar. When asked what it is she lied about, most people can’t point to anything specific; they just know she’s  dishonest and corrupt. The fact that she’s been dogged by political enemies and investigated by special prosecutors, the media and Congress with unlimited budgets and every possible means of getting to the truth and has been exonerated doesn’t seem to register. Indeed, the fact-checkers all find her to be more honest than virtually anyone in politics while Donald Trump, by contrast, lies more than he tells the truth.

To understand how this came to be, go back to a column from 1996 in The New York Times by vicious right-wing columnist William Safire who first dubbed her a “congenital liar.” All the crimes that he accused her of committing and lies he insisted that she had told later proved him to be the liar (or badly misinformed), but it didn’t matter. For many reasons, not the least of which was simple sexism, it was set in stone that this feminist, lawyer first lady was devious, calculating and power mad — Madame Defarge and Evita rolled into one. The political press has filtered its coverage of her through that lens ever since.

Say what?


No.  According to Salon, it’s because you’re a sexist and probably a racist homophobe as well…

For starters, the reason people think she’s a congenital liar is because she lies every time she opens her mouth, and has done so for decades.

In fact, she’s been caught in so many lies one could almost fill an entire library.

A video of Clinton lying for a full 13 minutes can be seen here.

And it’s laughable to think it’s the media’s fault that Clinton is a liar.

No, Salon, it’s Hillary’s fault that she’s seen as a liar…


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Joe Newby

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