Liberal Professors Watch Listed by Conservative Watchdog

Liberal Professors Watch Listed by Conservative Watchdog Sending your children to college these days has become more important in knowing who your children will be taught by and if you are a Christian, Conservative or Republican, the indoctrination of liberal and Socialist ideas may be the ulterior motive by these college professors.

As reported by the Washington Times, biased college professors are now listed in a database put together by a conservative watchdog whose goal is to educate and ‘expose the radicalism’ found on campuses across U.S.

“Professor watch list is intended to expose document and organize radical professors across the country who have been engaged in anti-American and leftist behavior in their classes,” Mr. Kirk said. “We believe these professors have a right to say whatever they wish, but we feel a responsibility to students, alumni, and parents to expose the radicalism that has institutionalizes our colleges and universities.”

The Professor Watch List states on their website that TPUSA will continue to fight for free speech and the right for professors to say whatever they wish; however students, parents, and alumni deserve to know the specific incidents and names of professors that advance a radical agenda in lecture halls.

Some of the professors noted include:

Dr. Julio Cesar Pino, an Associate Professor at Kent State University faced investigation by the FBI for connections to ISIS. He is strongly anti-Israel and calls Israel the “spiritual heir to Nazism”. According to Campus Reform, a 2002 eulogy Pino wrote in a campus newspaper praising Palestinian terrorist Ayat al-Akras” gained widespread attention.

Dr. Deandre Poole is an Assistant Professor of Communications at Florida Atlantic University. He instructed students to write “Jesus” on a piece of paper, then stomp on it. Although he was previously on academic leave, FAU reinstated him to teach online classes.

Dr. Charles Angeletti is a tenured professor at Metropolitan State University Denver and an admitted socialist. He required students to recite a pledge that describes a racist, sexist, homophobic America. “I pledge allegiance to and wrap myself in the flag of the United States Against Anything Un-American and to the Republicans for which it stands, two nations, under Jesus, rich against poor, with curtailed liberty and justice for all except blacks, homosexuals, women who want abortions, Communists, welfare queens, treehuggers, feminazis, illegal immigrants, children of illegal immigrants, and you if you don’t watch your step.”

In addition, one professor who made the news earlier this year, that while employed at the University of Missouri, Dr. Melissa Click forcefully removed a student journalist from a campus protest site. She was also caught cursing at police officers, who were trying to clear a road on campus. Dr. Click was fired from the University of Missouri and hired at Gonzaga University as a lecturer.

The backlash, riots and civil unrest by many of today’s millennial generation is the result of these liberal professors who, instead of teaching and educating, have been pushing their liberal Socialist agenda and denying these students a real education.

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