Liberal Pro-Abortion Lunatic Melts Down outside Trump Inauguration Ceremony — Video

liberals at inauguration event pro-abortionWhile many of the protesters and Trump supporters existed peacefully in the same space during the proceedings on Friday, January 20th in Washington D.C., there were some extremists who made their presence known. One such incident involved a pro-life group that had filed months ahead of time for a permitted area to have signs and information available to people.

Liberal pro-abortion women stood for a very long time screaming at and provoking the pro-life group. They made no solid arguments and made almost no effort to have a civil discourse with the group of young people that were representing the pro-life organization. These young people should be applauded because they handled themselves very well, even though, this woman was highly aggressive and obviously trying to incite a violent response.

Here’s the video — Warning: Some graphic images and language:

As we see often with the left, none of what she was screaming at this amazing group of young people made any sense or had any basis in reality. These women — we use that term loosely — refused to address any of the very valid scientific and factual points that these young people attempted to make, even while she was screaming in their faces. One Interaction went as follows:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Pro-Choice Liberal : “You have no right to legislate or worry about my reproductive organs”

Young Man with Pro-life group: “We are not worried about your reproductive organs, we are concerned with what they have reproduced.”

Pro-Choice Liberal: “That does not matter, its my body.”

Young Man with Pro-life group: “It’s a baby, look at this image, that’s a baby, it matters.”

Pro-choice Liberal: “It’s not a baby it’s a what do you call it, (she turns to her friend briefly asking) you know it’s a fetus not a baby.”

So that’s a prime example of liberal logic. She seemed to think that was an actual argument and valid.

As you can see in the video, a couple of young men not associated with the group tried to reason with the women and simply get them to leave the group alone. This obviously did not work. However, as you will notice towards the end of the video, when a routine security detail began to make its round through this area, the women quickly dispersed.

As is often the case with extreme leftists, they flee when their behavior may be observed by any kind of law enforcement and while some may claim that this is because the police are corrupt and unjust, but it really is rooted in an understanding that their behavior is not acceptable in a public forum. They understand that they are behaving in a non-civil manner, and that law enforcement, or anyone in a position of authority, will not tolerate it. So, they direct this ill-mannered behavior towards these good young people to try and remove them. Yet, this group of young people remained civil, respectful and tried to have a conversation.

As this video shows, the regressive left have become nothing more than bullies, hell bent on intimidation and silencing anyone that doesn’t get on board with their backwards agendas and ideologies. When that bullying fails to get them results, and there exists even a possibility that they may be held accountable for their actions, they flee. They cannot stand firm for their convictions, because even they know their convictions are wrong.


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