Liberal Media – Denial and Anger over Trump Victory

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It’s humorous, in a sick sort of way, to read the liberal media’s spin on the election and why Trump won. And why they were wrong. It’s entertaining to say the least. They are in denial and extremely angry.

Newsweek had already printed 125,000 copies of their magazine that had a picture of Hillary on it with the headline “Madame President.” They had to recall them.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?


The paper is too shiny to use as toilet paper, so I guess all that stuff will have to be recycled, if you can do that with glossy paper.

Then there’s CNN, and several others who claim that only a tiny portion of America voted for Trump, and that it was a very close election. Some of the states were close, that’s true. But Trump cruised to victory with being the first to get OVER the 270 electoral votes.

When you look at the results by county things got interesting:

Then there’s the narrative that Hillary actually won everything…well not really. What was that again about a “tiny minority of people” voting for Trump?

Even if you look at it by state before all the votes were counted, Trump still wins. Clinton won in big cities, but rural areas came out en masse to vote for Trump. Which brings me to the next point:

The Clinton News Network keeps reporting that voter turnout was lower than at any point in recent history. Um, no, DEMOCRAT voter turnout was lower. The rest of us stood in line and had to find parking places at the polls that were slammed with people desperate to keep Hillary out of the White House.

It’s actually quite simple: Democrats weren’t excited about their corrupt candidate. Wikileaks DID make a difference, thank goodness.

Democrats and the media in denial

Then there’s the states the Democrats refused to call, such as Michigan. The vote there is extremely close. The Michigan Secretary of State shows a 13,107 vote margin for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, and he stated there was “no reason to think large numbers of ballots would be found.” Yeah unless a bunch of dead people’s ballots suddenly appear.

The Detroit Free Press called it for Trump on Wednesday after first calling it for Clinton. Then there is the left-leaning Politico who can’t bring themselves to match those totals from the Michigan Website and are making the margin even slimmer.

Too bad for the spoiled brats and anarchists that are creating havoc all over the country. And too bad for the news media still trying to find out what happened.

Breitbart reported,

Fox News called the election for Donald Trump at about 2:30 am eastern on Election Night/Morning, Wednesday November 9 when its decision desk determined that Trump had won Pennsylvania, giving him that state’s 20 electoral college votes. Pennsylvania put him over the 270 electoral college votes necessary to win a majority of the electoral college’s 538 votes.

If New Hampshire’s 4 electoral college votes go to Hillary Clinton, and Arizona’s 11 electoral college votes and Michigan’s 16 electoral college votes go to Donald Trump, as seems likely more than 36 hours after all polls have closed, the final electoral college tally will give Donald Trump 306 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232 votes, a resounding electoral college victory for President-elect Trump.

But the liberal media is angry, with some of them even “analyzing” that maybe Clinton could still win. Not a chance. And the bitterness crowd is even printing obnoxious covers. Here’s an example:

Instead of honoring the President-elect, instead of showing him any kind of respect, The New Yorker printed this cover for the Trump election results. THIS is why if you read or listen to liberal media sources, you’re not getting the truth, you’re just getting the slant.

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