What liberal judges are really saying: Trump must let terrorists in U.S. to kill Americans

Justice Trump judge travel ban terroristsOn Wednesday, Judge Derrick Watson became the latest judge to block President Trump’s legal order to limit immigration from countries known to be hotbeds of terrorism.  In doing so, he completely ignored the actual language of the executive order as well as the Constitution and the rule of law.  Instead, he relied on his own translation of what liberals say Trump said on the campaign trail.  Forget the flowery rhetoric — what all of these judges are really saying is this: Donald Trump MUST let terrorists in the United States to kill Americans, the law be damned.

Richard Manning, president of the conservative Americans for Limited Government, was a bit more diplomatic in his assessment of the ruling:

“This is anarchy from the bench. No man is above or below the law. Judge Derrick Watson has commandeered executive powers that were duly conferred by Congress on the president decades ago on immigration — based on his own political perceptions of campaign statements made by the Trump campaign in 2016. We are left to assume that without an such examination, not of the executive order itself, but of campaign speeches, that this same exact executive order would be deemed constitutional if issued by any other president.

“If it would be constitutional if issued by former President Obama, then it must then be constitutional under President Trump. The rule of law means equal application of the law and by the judge’s own words, that is not what we have here.

“If courts cannot apply and interpret laws, orders and regulations as written, then they should not exist. That is Congress’ purview, to create courts, or eliminate them if they do not serve their intended purpose and then just sell the building and at least help solve the debt crisis. Additionally, Congress can limit the jurisdiction of federal courts not to examine travel restrictions. It can also cut the pay of any federal employees working at the courts to $1 or just eliminate them.

“It is now clear that federal courts do not intend to hold the acts of President Trump to the same standards as other presidents past or future, instead imposing a separate body of law simply for his administration. In essence, by denying the powers of the president to Trump, the courts are attempting to render their verdict on the outcome of the 2016 election, an intolerable abuse by the judicial branch that Congress must now rein in.”

Rush Limbaugh went a bit further, saying this was just part of the “silent coup” against Trump:

Well, there’s a new facet of law that is taking place now, and this is where I believe the silent coup in the judiciary is taking place. And you’ll note that every liberal commentator on television and in broadcast media, with the exception of Alan Dershowitz, is happy and gleeful and they’re just as happy as they can be that Trump is being thwarted.

Now a judge appointed to the federal bench by Barack Obama in 2012 issued a temporary restraining order to Trump’s replacement executive order that accomplished the same thing as the first, but they tightened it down and made it TRO-proof or veto-proof in their own minds. And in terms of the way the order is constructed, it is. There’s literally no legal bound, there’s no legal reason to reject the order, and the judge in Hawaii didn’t even try.

In January, the Washington Times reported that ISIS fighters are entering Europe disguised as refugees:

An ISIS general has returned to Europe along with 400 of his most trusted soldiers disguised as refugees. After suffering defeat in the Middle East, the men are returning to the continent to carry on jihad in European capitals.

Kosovan Lavdrim Muhaxheri was once a NATO soldier and in the past has appeared in videos decapitating a prisoner as well as killing another with a rocket. The men say they crossed into Europe as refugees so not to be identified. The U.S. State Department designated Muhaxheri as a global terrorist.

“Numerous jihadists are returning to Europe and the Balkans, aiming to hit the old continent at its heart. Some of them are being identified by security services, but many others manage to cross the borders without being identified,” reports the Daily Mail.

But that’s Europe, you say.  What about the United States?  Fair enough.

Last June, NumbersUSA said:

While updating the Senate intelligence committee today, CIA Director, John Brennan, said that ISIS is training operatives and attempting to enter the U.S. through “refugee flows, smuggling routes and legitimate methods of travel”.

Brennan continued, “Unfortunately, despite all of our progress against ISIL on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the groups terrorism capability and global reach. The resources needed for terrorism are modest. The group would have to suffer even heaver loses on territory, manpower and money for the terrorist capacity to decline significantly.”

The CIA Director also revealed that, “the number of ISIL fighters now far exceeds what al-Qaida had at its height.”

Wait, what?

That’s right, ISIS is working to get into the U.S. using “refugee flows.”

So Donald Trump wants to stop those flows until we’re able to figure out who these people really are.  Sounds reasonable, right?

Not to liberals.

According to the left, Donald Trump presents more of a threat than ISIS terrorists seeking to murder everyone in sight.  So naturally, an Obama-appointed liberal judge will rule against any effort to protect Americans from terrorists sneaking into the country disguised as “refugees.”  And if innocent Americans get killed as a result, we can all hold our heads up and say we weren’t bigots.

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Manning is correct — these liberal judges are engaging in an intolerable abuse of power and Congress needs to act immediately to put an end to the nonsense, before someone gets killed.


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