Liberal hatemongers on Twitter celebrate news of Trump Tower fire

On Saturday, news broke that a fire broke out on the 50th floor of Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan.  President Trump was not in the building and issued a tweet at 6:42 p.m. Eastern time, thanking firefighters for their response.

Nevertheless, liberal hatemongers (redundant, I know…) on Twitter celebrated news that the building caught fire.

Media analyst Mark Dice tweeted:

We took a look at Twitter and sure enough, there it was:

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One person asked Dice:

That’s easy.  As I’ve repeatedly said since February 2011, liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of insane, bloodthirsty rage and hate.  Sadly, leftists prove that assertion correct on any given day.  They either want to kill you directly, wish death on you or hope that either you or someone close to you gets deathly sick, injured or experiences other forms of tragedy.

Or, as these hatemongers demonstrated, celebrate bad news and hope for the worst.

This is the modern left…  Let that sink in.

Laura Loomer wondered if maybe arson was involved:

According to CBS:

Trump Tower, which opened in 1983, is located on 5th Ave. and 57th St. in New York City. Before moving to the White House, Mr. Trump, the first lady and Barron Trump lived in the triplex penthouse apartment, which occupies sections of floors 66-68, according to Forbes.

There was a fire at Trump Tower in January Two people suffered minor injuries in that fire, CBS New York reports.


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