Liberal Columnist on Trump’s Win: ‘No, I’m not over it’

Liberal Columnist on Trump’s Win: ‘No, I’m not over it’Eugene Robinson, columnist, former assistant managing editor of The Washington Post and lover of President Obama, continues to prove that liberal hypocrisy is still in play when he wrote on Monday that since Donald Trump will be president, he is not over it and hope he fails.

As liberals do when they can’t get their way, Robinson stated that no one should be over it… no one should pretend that Trump will be a normal president.

Eugene Robinson wrote:

The people chose Hillary Clinton. But it’s the electoral vote that counts, not the popular vote, so Donald Trump will be president.

The big protests that have followed Trump’s election should be no surprise. You can’t spend all those months trashing our nation’s values and then expect everyone to join you in a group hug. Trump made the bed in which he now must lie.

How did the unthinkable happen? Is Trump, like Brexit, part of some world-sweeping populist wave? Are the Rust Belt hinterlands in open rebellion? Was Clinton just a spectacularly flawed candidate? Did FBI Director James B. Comey boost Trump over the top? Did too many anti-Trump voters stay home out of complacency?

Then, Robinson, who still cannot get his way, decided to bring up the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center, who has been caught embellishing its so-called, “actual reports”, and said that over 200 harassment and hate crimes, mostly directed at minorities, in which strangely, none have appeared in the mainstream news.

Robinson continued:

I do hope he succeeds in avoiding some kind of amateurish foreign policy blunder that puts American lives or vital national interests at risk. And let me be clear that I am not questioning his legitimacy as president. When the results are certified and the Electoral College casts its votes, Trump will be the nation’s duly chosen leader, ridiculous though that may be.

Along with Robinson who cannot get their way and continue to cry that Hillary lost, Boston Globe columnist Michael A. Cohen penned a hate-filled screed declaring in no uncertain terms that he wants President-elect Donald J. Trump to fail.

Interestingly enough, when President Obama was elected, not once but twice, no mass riots occurred by those who did not vote for or support Obama and yet, Robinson and those like continue to show that the liberal hypocrisy is still alive and well.

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