Liberal BLM activists: ‘Black lives matter, but not all lives matter’

Liberal BLM activists: ‘Black lives matter, but not all lives matter’
(James Roguski; YouTube)

Conservative Republican political commentator, former U.S. Congressman, and retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Allen West on Thursday reported on an event, held by the ultra-liberal organization, NetRoots Nation where liberal black activists shouted down former Democratic Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, and demanded that black lives matter, but not all lives matter.

The unruly liberal crowd attended the Netroots Nation Town Hall meeting in Phoenix, Arizona on July 18, 2015 in which O’Malley, who has entered the 2016 Democratic presidential race, expressed his views that not only do black lives matter, but that white lives matter and that all lives matter. This did not sit well with the “Black Lives Matter (BLM)” protestors who booed and interrupted O’Malley and began shouting, “Black lives matter.”

During the event, a female member of the Black Lives Matter movement entered the stage and interrupted the interview between the host and O’Malley. The black female went on a racist rant about how bad the state of Arizona is and asked O’Malley, “As a leader of this country, will you advance a racial agenda that would dismantle… not reform, okay? Not make progress… but dismantle structural racism in the United States?”

In response to the event and the actions of the crowd and O’Malley, West said, “I would have given O’Malley high marks until he then made an apology for saying, “all lives matter. If O’Malley can’t make a stand and stand by his comments of “all lives matter,” we don’t need him as anything other than a former politician.” West continued, “There are two points of order to assess. First, Martin O’Malley is, well, less than weak. I mean, give me a break, how can we expect this guy to run for president and actually present a policy and stand for it if he won’t embrace a basic principle… the right of life for all? O’Malley came across as a timid and fearful panderer who cannot be trusted to ensure the security of our Republic.”



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Fmr. Sgt, USAF Intelligence, NSA/DOD; Studied Cryptology at Community College of the Air Force

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