Liberal Alan Colmes: ISIS threat is being ‘ginned up’ for American involvement

colmesThey behead children, cut young boys in half, tear women in two, bury women and children alive and have repeatedly threatened to attack the U.S.  And let’s not forget the recent beheading of journalist James Foley.  Nevertheless, liberals claim ISIS poses no threat to the United States.

Alan Colmes went even farther, telling Greg Gutfeld the ISIS threat is being “ginned up” for American involvement.

“Why is it that lefties like you though […] have a hard time identifying actual existential evil unless it’s a Republican or a stay-at-home mom where you can condemn them?” Gutfeld asked.

Video of the segment can be seen below:

Maybe liberals need to see ISIS monsters behead children in America before they’ll ever admit there’s a problem.

In an attempt to “make it simple” so even liberals can understand, the National Review’s David French broke down the ISIS threat in six sentences:

1. Al-Qaeda carried out the deadliest attack on American soil in American history and the most devastating foreign attack against an American city since the British occupied and burned Washington during the War of 1812.

2. ISIS is more brutal than al-Qaeda.

3. ISIS has more financial resources than al-Qaeda.

4. ISIS controls more territory — and possesses more firepower – than al-Qaeda.

5. ISIS has seized uranium in sufficient quantities to make a radiological weapon, a dirty bomb.

6. The leader of ISIS declared to his former American captors, “See you in New York,” and ISIS militants have pledged to raise the black flag of jihad over the White House.

So, brutal genocidal murderers with lots of money, lots of weapons and enough uranium to make a dirty bomb is no threat, right?  That’s what liberals want us to believe…

And let’s not forget that ISIS is “expressing an increased interest” in the porous southern border with Mexico.

According to Fox News:

“A review of ISIS social media messaging during the week ending August 26 shows that militants are expressing an increased interest in the notion that they could clandestinely infiltrate the southwest border of US, for terror attack,” warns the Texas Department of Public Safety “situational awareness” bulletin, obtained by

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Meanwhile, Obama has no strategy for dealing with ISIS and has chosen to attend fundraisers instead of dealing with a very real threat…



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