Liberal activist: Be careful when using ‘terror,’ could offend Muslims

Dem strategist says "terror" might offend MuslimsWhile appearing on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” liberal activist and Democratic strategist Richard Fowler warned the panel about using the word “terror” when describing terrorist activity.  According to Fowler, the word could offend Muslims because of word association.

“Here’s what DeBlasio tried to do yesterday, right? Yes, it was an intentional act. Yes, it was an act of terrorism. The problem is when you say the word ‘terror’ because of word association it automatically assumes you are talking about people of the Muslim faith. And that is why he said an intentional act and not terrorism because we don’t know if it was Muslim. None of these organizations have taken credit for it. So before we go out and start to blame and shame a whole religion we ought to be very careful and get all the facts first.”

Here’s video of his statement:

A post at notes:

The only person assuming that we all associate “terror” with Muslims is Fowler in this situation.

There have been 29,236 DEADLY Islamic terrorist attacks since 9-11 but please don’t use the word “terror” it might offend Muslims.

Are any Muslims offended by the fact that other Muslims are CHEERING the New York bombing? Twitter is awash with congratulations and praise.

The post also wonders what we’re supposed to call terrorists if not terrorists?

Good question.

A former FBI official, however, says that “of course” this is terrorism, we just don’t know who’s responsible:


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