Lib hatemonger Mike Dickinson smears Dave Brat as a racist who hates Latinos, attacks local auto body shop

dickinsonMike Dickinson, the Virginia hatemonger seeking the House seat currently held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., jumped the shark with a series of tweets calling Dave Brat a racist who hates Latinos.

He went even further, however, and attacked a local auto body shop for supporting Brat.

According to Roll Call, Gerry and Karen Baugh, owners of the shop Dickinson smeared, donated $5,400 to Brat.  Of course, Dickinson smeared all of Brat’s contributors as racists because, well, that’s just what he does.  Naturally, he provided no proof for his claims.

Dickinson’s campaign — if one can even call it that — consists primarily of hateful messages on Twitter interspersed with attacks on his critics.

At one time, Dickinson proclaimed himself to be a Democrat, but he refused to file as a Democrat, calling local Democrats too moderate.  According to Dickinson, real Democrats must worship Barack Obama and seek to eradicate anyone with whom they disagree.

Consider just a few of his tweets:

Here’s what he told one critic:

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Dickinson, however, has no real desire to serve the people in his district.  All he really wants is exposure on national television so he can spew his hate to a larger audience.  Consider these tweets:


Here’s video of Dickinson’s first appearance on Fox:

And if that wasn’t enough, he came back and got his clock cleaned by Greta van Susteren.  This, by the way, is is when van Susteren got Dickinson to admit that he’s a liar:

Greta’s right — Dickinson really is a “piece of work.”