Let’s See Antifa Attack Milo’s Security For Berkeley: Navy SEALs

Those brave, masked Antifa types will meet their match when Milo Yiannopoulos comes to Berkeley.  According to the Daily Caller, he announced that his security detail will be made up of Navy SEALs.  This on the same day that Antifa makes the case why violence is necessary to their cause just like it was for Hitler.  I will be very interested in seeing Antifa try to attack them.  It would be the biggest mismatch since the South Podunk T-Ball team took on the 1927 Yankees.

The University of California, Berkeley, “Free Speech Week” will be held Sept 24-27.  Besides Milo, there will be Ann  Coulter, Steve Bannon and many other speakers.  Antifa has already announced they will be there to protest.  Just like their communist, Nazi and fascist dopplegangers, Antifa uses the same tactics to shut down free speech.  If this country had a news organization, they would be pointing that out, but instead, the mainstream media, the propaganda arm of the DNC, will never do that.

 Dan Mogulof, UC Berkeley’s assistant vice chancellor for communications, told Politico that Berkeley Patriot, the student organization hosting the speakers, “still has not completed the critical steps” for the event.

“We have repeatedly asked representatives of the Berkeley Patriot to confirm that contracts have been completed between the student organization and each of these speakers; to date they have not,” said Mogulof in a statement obtained by Politco.

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But Yiannopoulos fired back at the school in a Wednesday Facebook post.

“Ironically, Berkeley is fighting Free Speech Week the same way they fought against Mario Savio’s Free Speech Movement in the 60’s — by spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt,” he said. “Mogulof has a long history of hostility, leaks and lies when it comes to conservative speakers.”

Yiannopoulos indicated that the event would go on as scheduled, boasting “more than 20 speakers with diverse viewpoints” and a 16-man Navy SEAL team for security.

Berkeley’s mayor is affiliated with the far-left group By Any Means Necessary, and in the past has allowed anarchists to have their own way and you can expect more of the same this time around.  Berkeley is the location where free speech thrived in the 60s but where it has gone to die in recent years.

Liberals claim the First Amendment does not protect hate speech, with hate speech being any speech liberals hate.  That’s absurd.  Why would you need protection for popular speech?

Campus Reform added:

Mogulof told Politico Tuesday that the student group Berkeley Patriot “still has not completed the critical steps” required for arranging the “Free Speech Week” on campus, putting the entire event in jeopardy.

“Mogulof has a long history of hostility, leaks, and lies when it comes to conservative speakers,” Yiannopoulos alleged. “His efforts will not be successful, and Berkeley Free Speech Week will [be] a fabulous, and peaceful, celebration of free speech including more than 20 speakers from diverse viewpoints.”

“Our efforts are moving ahead at full speed to put together the best free speech event Berkeley has ever seen,” Yiannopoulos said. “I am sparing no expense, including a 16-man Navy SEAL security detail for me and our speakers.”

If Antifa would promise to attack the SEALs, this event could be sold to Pay-Per-View.


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