The left’s shutdown battle cry: Kill them all!

It seems that liberals, egged on by the violent rhetoric being used by Barack Obama and Harry Reid, are back to their old tricks, calling for death to conservatives and members of the Tea Party.

From Hollywierd celebrities and operatives of the Democrat-media complex to semi-literate morons on Twitter, the battle cry has become: Kill them all!  And Barack Obama and Harry Reid could not be happier.  This division, after all, is what they want.

Don’t doubt me — just look at their own words:

A search of Twitter also found these gems:

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As we reported at Examiner, the liberal New Republic suggested Obama use the military to kill members of the Tea Party, and a Washington Post columnist agreed with a “longtime friend” that those responsible for the shutdown should be beheaded.

Left wing hate talker Mike Malloy also said he would provide the weapon to murder Ted Cruz.

This is the modern-day left, embraced and endorsed by the Democratic Party.

Yes, Virginia, liberals are hatemongers, and if you disagree with them, they want you dead…