Leftist Violence Over Abortion: Just Political Or…

As leftist violence over abortion erupts nationwide after the overturn of Roe v Wade, everyone needs to understand this is not random rage by feminists. These are organized leftists. Their plans are not about abortion at all – they are all about tearing down the fabric of society. If it wasn’t Roe v Wade, it would be something else. Abortion is just the excuse.

Leftist violence over abortion (Fox)

The anarchy symbol is present on several of the grafitti tags and damage left at pregnancy centers- This one is in Longmont.

Threatening messages, outright intimidation, smashed windows, bulletholes in windows, the leftists violence over abortion seems to be a temper tantrum by a bunch of people who are angry over a Supreme Court ruling. But it is not.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Rahm Emanuel

Is America headed for a recession?

In the summer of 2020, during the pandemic, when leftist groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter burned, vandalized, and killed their way through the United States, their excuse was George Floyd. George Floyd was a criminal, but that didn’t matter, one foolish move by a cop gave them the excuse they needed to tear society apart. Police are their enemy because they represent law and order, the power they hate. That’s why they are attacking the Supreme Court over this ruling- the SCOTUS represents power.

A leftist got hold of Justice Thomas’ home address and passed it out to the so-called “protesters,” which places him and his family in serious jeopardy. One rioter in Los Angeles was arrested for attempting to kill a police officer. AOC is calling for pro-life Democrats to leave the party.

antifa manual
Anarchist symbols frequently used by Antifa
These images ftom Portland, Oregon in 2021 reveal that any excuse they can find to do harm to the “system” will be utilized.

There are easily led, ignorant people within a group of rioters. There is a core group who are the instigators, and the rest are sheep who express rage at anything that doesn’t fit their own belief structure. Anarchists by their very nature hate power – except when they have it. Antifa are Communist Anarchists that frequently use Communist flags and other symbols for their cause. The “cause” is varied for any situation that give an opportunity for violence.

On June 25, leftist violence was on full display from Vermont to Portland, as coffee shops, cars, pregnancy centers, courthouses, and other places were tagged with grafitti.

Montpelier Police screenshot
Portland Police Bureau- what appears to be bullet holes in this coffee shop, and grafitti of “Death to SCOTUS” in other areas.
Screenshot of Portland grafitti via Fox news- Bradford Betz


Thanks to the “squeaky wheel” of leftist intimidation tactics, many police agencies are extremely understaffed…like Portland and Seattle, for example. As this violence continues unabated, only a few arrests are being made. The division pf America is growing, and moving along fast. Be aware!


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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