Leftie Rousey slammed by Fellow Lefties: ‘Weak White B*tch’ Loses Despite her ‘White Privilege’

It's been a rough handful of months for Rousey. (Twitter)
It’s been a rough handful of months for Rousey. (Twitter)

Ronda Rousey was once the darling of the UFC. The same Ronda was also but another shining star that jumped feet first into the Bernie Sanders constellation during the last election.

That was then, this is now.cnbomxvw8aqlszb

After losing her Bantamweight crown to Holly Holm in late 2015 (in a mere 59 seconds), Ronda’s only loss to date was suppose to be a mere speed bump of an inconvenience on her journey to triumphal regaining of the championship belt.

But Brazilian pugilist Amanda Nunes had other plans. Nunes, whose ethnicity is a mixture of Portuguese, Brazilian Indian, and African, scored a TKO just 48 seconds into the fight.

Yet it was her same left-leaning compadres that mercilessly ripped into her on social media directly after the fight.

As reported by Breitbart.com;

Famed bantamweight fighter Ronda Rousey once again jumped into the ring after acauuidzwoaemrxb long hiatus from fighting, only for opponent Amanda Nunes to best her in a mere 48 seconds. After the fight liberals jumped to social media with glee to mock Rousey and to attack her for her supposed “white privilege.”

But the nearly immediate KO she experienced became fodder for mocking.

Rousey, whose name is far bigger than her opponent’s and who also had a lot more at stake, upset liberals by receiving $3 million for the fight while her relatively unknown opponent, Amanda Nunes, only got $200,000 for the bout. Liberals deemed the disparity in take an example of “white privilege.”

won the fight but somehow is still trending more

RT @mikaelherard: The contender, Rousey gets $3 million for that loss while Nunes gets $200k with win bonus.

Will a woman of color ever get paid $3M for a bout? Probably not. Wait, won’t.

Racism in the Ring: Rhonda Rousey White Privilege in the Fighting Arena!

Ronda rousey dont kill yourself!! You’re white which means they will let u become and be successful in watever u want. Ufc is in your past!

Then there were those just happy to see a white woman beaten up.

Who would have thought the biggest news the day after NFL regular season ends would involve….Mike Krzyzewski.

@AdamSchefter Ronda Rousey can’t even eat an apple anymore

if white supremacy didn’t exist there is no way jennifer lawerance or ronda rousey would be seen as attractive or even famous ?

Amanda Nunes rocked Ronda Rousey for all the women of color disgusted that white women overwhelmingly voted for Trump.

It was once a time when people really thought Ronda rousey could beat Floyd mayweather now look at this weak white bitch getting KO 48sec

@USATODAYsports this is so disrespecful, you are brutal.

@HelderBrum Your white knight routine is hilarious considering how disrespectful Rousey was when she was winning. She deserves this.

I feel like Ronda Rousey got her ass beat for every fat white bitch that be tripping asking “can I speak with the manager?”????‍♂️


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