Latest clown hoaxes, hysteria has struck four states in two days

clownThe creepy clown trend has grown to the point that frustrated police agencies across the nation are getting tired of it and with the latest hoaxes that has occurred in four states, police agencies are letting the hoaxers know that there are legal consequences to such actions.

In the last two days, such creepy clown hoaxes have occurred in the states of Georgia, Montana, California, and Idaho.

In Meridian, Idaho, local Police stated that someone posted on Instagram a photo of a creepy clown that threatened to kidnap and kill anyone who was not following them on Instagram.

In Great Falls, Montana, KTVH News had received several messages from local residents asking about such incidents and have also received several unconfirmed reports of at least one clown sighting in town but have not been able to confirm that it happened.

KTVH News also stated that they have received reports that someone using the name “Billy Clowne” on Facebook, who lists his home as Great Falls, has been threatening people in their community.

In California, authorities in Lancaster have warned that men wearing “ugly-looking clown” masks were using a kitchen knife to frighten people and then videotaping their reactions.

“They were not the friendly-type of clown,” said Ali Villalobos, a community service officer for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in Lancaster.

The clowns have struck at least three times and Lancaster Sheriff’s deputies said the suspects are “only trying to scare the victim(s),” adding that it was prank but still causing a lot of chaos.

The latest clown hoax occurred in Paulding County, Ga. where Paulding County Ga. Sheriff Gary Gulledge sent out a press release that his office will not tolerate such actions and that there are laws against such false reports to the police.

The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) in a press release stated, “A person who willfully and knowingly gives or causes a false report of a crime to be given to any law enforcement officer or agency of this state is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

“All of the clown threats that have been reported to the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office have been investigated and unsubstantiated. Of the clown incidents that have been reported, none have actually occurred. There have been no confirmed clown sightings in Paulding County, the PCSO said.

“We want to encourage parents to be vigilant with their children’s social media accounts. Detectives with the Juvenile Investigations Division have uncovered numerous social media posts by Paulding County students requesting clowns to come to their school. Allowing a student to have unlimited unsupervised social media access is not helping mitigate this problem.”

The hoaxes are taking away resources from police agencies but in one case, someone dressed in a clown costume jumped out from behind bushes in Brighton, Alabama and chased two young teens.

Brighton police Chief Ray Hubbart, who suspects the incident was a copycat crime, and said it’s no laughing matter and further stated, “No words were exchanged. But this was a legitimate incident.”

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