‘Last Man Standing’ will stand tall again; conservative viewers ready

When the popular “Last Man Standing” returns to Friday nights on Sept. 28, on a different network with a couple of different cast members, it seems a safe bet that conservative viewers will have the last laugh over ABC, which cancelled the hit sitcom, and Fox Entertainment will smile all the way to the bank.

Tim Allen returns Sept. 28 as conservative sporting goods retailer Mike Baxter in the hit comedy series “Last Man Standing,” now to air on Fox. (Screen snip, YouTube, Fox)

It couldn’t come at a more strategic time, with the November mid-terms only six weeks over the horizon.

When the program was unceremoniously cancelled by ABC, where it had high ratings, many people immediately suspected it was because lead Tim Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, was an outspoken conservative who made biting remarks about then-President Barack Obama and liberals in general, and he represented the middle America that liberals on both coasts disparage, if not outright despise.

Fox picked up the series essentially responding to popular demand.

According to published reports, including in the Sioux City Journal, the role of middle Baxter daughter Mandy has been recast, along with the role of the Baxters’ grandson, who is now 12 years old, according to various reports.

Remember when CBS had such hits as The Beverly Hillbillies, Hee Haw, Petticoat Junction, Green Acres and Dukes of Hazzard? Those programs appealed largely to “fly-over America” as well. But nothing seemed to offend the liberal mindset so much as “Last Man Standing.” Allen’s Mike Baxter is the Archie Bunker of the 2010s, a fellow unafraid to poke liberalism where it hurts. He operates an outdoor sporting goods store, he likes guns and hunting, and like Carroll O’Connor’s Archie Bunker character, he’s got to deal with a liberal son-in-law.

Perhaps in the back of everyone’s collective mind are hopes that Last Man Standing’s writers won’t go tepid on their scripts, and allow Allen to deliver some timely digs that the Far Left deserves.

Meanwhile, one wonders what a guy like LMS’ Baxter would say if he were in Washington State, where reports indicate that actress Jane Fonda will be appearing Tuesday to campaign in the Seattle area for Initiatives 1631 (“clean air”) and 1639 (gun control).

Under language found in Initiative 1639, both of these rifles would be considered “semiautomatic assault rifles,” critics contend. (Dave Workman)

There is a growing grassroots effort opposing I-1639, as more people are being educated about what is actually in its 30 pages of text. According to critics, the measure will require signing away medical privacy in order to exercise the right to keep and bear arms. There will be annual background checks of gun owners, a ten-day waiting period to purchase a .22-caliber semi-auto rifle, which will now be considered a “semiautomatic assault rifle,” and mandatory training every five years.

Gun owners who are not registered to vote are being directed to the Secretary of State’s website.

Largely financed by a handful of wealthy Seattle-area elitists, I-1639 is infuriating and energizing gun owners who typically stay out of political fights because they simply wish to be left alone.