Largest group of Sanders donors: ‘Not Working’

Key supporters of Sanders. (Wikipedia)
Key supporters of Sanders. (Wikipedia)

On the founding of the American Republic, the only citizens allowed to vote were white, free, propertied males over the age of 21. While most Americans present day are familiar with the free, white, 21, and male criteria, most are unfamiliar with the propertied part. Just imagine when it comes to “propertied,” it’s the complete opposite of a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Long since dropped from legal canon was the Founding Fathers understanding that only those Caucasian adult males who were free and unencumbered from the bonds of indentured servitude were the ideal voters. They also tacked on the “propertied” provision with a very specific reason. It was acknowledged then that only those who actually had a stake in the new nation should have a say-so in same new nation. Yet as reported by Matt Vespa of TownHall.com on June 6, 2016, and also by Jim Geraghty of the National Review on June 5, 2016, a sizable percentage of those who’ve donated to the Bernie Sanders campaign are pretty much what the framers of the Constitution had in mind.

As reported, in a donor analysis commissioned by the Los Angeles Times, fully 28.6 percent of the money flowing into the Democratic Socialist’s coffers originate from those categorized as simply “not working.” Or as described, the “not working” are either unemployed or retired.

The second highest donor demographic are identified as those in the healthcare industry. While there is no specific breakdown given, it’s ostensibly understood that the 7.4 percent in this demographic range cover the spectrum from neurological surgeons to home healthcare workers for the elderly and severely disabled.

The rest of the breakdown for the $209 million sent into the Vermont Democratic Socialist’s run for the White House is as follows:

  • Education – 7.2 percent
  • Technology – 5.1 percent
  • Arts and Entertainment – 4.4 percent
  • Construction – 3.5 percent
  • Legal – 2.6 percent

Also noted was that the vast majority of donors to the Sanders camp “tend to live in the most liberal parts of the United States — New England, the Pacific Northwest and California.” His home state of Vermont is way in the lead of per capita giving, but California is reported at the highest dollar amount, $36 million.

Within the Golden State, those giving the most come from very wealthy and overwhelmingly white areas. Specifically in the San Francisco area’s Berkeley Hills and the uber-expensive scenic enclaves north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Further south, the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Topanga, Century City, Venice and the Hollywood Hills are cited as very Bernie-friendly.


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