(Land Grab) Forest Service to Landowner: We Used It, We Abused It, So We Own It

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ONFIn what has to be the most ludicrous and bold land grab that I have ever heard of is the argument the US Forest Service (USFS) is making against a private landowner — that because they illegally trespassed on his property and several times damaged parts of his land to the point it could no longer be used, the land should now belong to the USFS.

This is the battle that’s going on between a landowner who owns property adjacent to the Ozark National Forest.

The Ozark National Forest began in 1908.  That’s over 100 years for you liberals.  However the farm next door belonging to the McIlroy family was established in 1808.  It has remained in their family for 207 years.  (For you liberals:  207 years is longer than 107 years)

To be fair, the trespasses and abuse has taken place over several different administrations, however only the Obama caliphate believes that gives them ownership.

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