LA Times Says Black Oregon Shooter is a White Supremacist

chris-harper-mercerThe LA Times once again proves that you should never let facts in the way of a good lie.  They labeled black shooter (His mother is black and he never really knew his father who is white) Chris Harper Mercer as white, even though he identified himself as multiracial.  Unlike Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal, he really was bi-racial.  Maybe he is a white African American just like George Zimmerman was a white Hispanic.  I can understand the Times’ thinking on this.  Why check your facts when it’s easier to make up your own?

The truth is that Mercer admired Vester Lee Flanagan, a black man who shot a white reporter and her white cameraman on live TV.  I could be wrong about this but I believe a black white supremacist would not admire a black man who shoots white people.  It kinda goes against the definition.

Part of the problem is that writers and editors at the LA Times watches PMSDNC, CNN and Univision, so they may not have known the shooter was actually mixed, having lived with his black mother.

Daniel Greenfield in FrontPage Magazine was the first to point out that the LA Times was wrong about their claims that Mercer was a white supremacist:

According to the LA Times, Chris Harper Mercer, the Oregon killer, was a “White Supremacist”.

One slight problem. Mercer identified as multi-racial. His mother was black. He doesn’t seem to have even known his father. He identified with black TV killer Vester Lee Flanagan.

I wonder why no news organization accused Roof, the jerk who shot up the black church here in Charleston of being a black supremacist.  Just kidding, we all know why.

[Editor’s note: It’s for the same reason that liberals continue to claim that Mercer was a “conservative Republican” even though he is a registered Independent — to foment hate and even more violence against conservatives.  And if a few more Christians get murdered in the process, so be it.]


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