Kyle Kashuv: Young girl allegedly threatened with rape for not attending anti-gun march

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On Wednesday night, Kyle Kashuv, the pro-Second Amendment Parkland survivor largely ignored by the left-wing media, issued a disturbing tweet alleging that a freshman girl in his school was threatened with rape for not attending an anti-gun march.

“Someone just sent me text messages from a freshman at my school who didn’t attend the march,” he said in a tweet addressed to some of the anti-gun Parkland demagogues, including Cameron Kasky. “She is now being threatened with rape. This is pure evil and should be condemned across party lines. SICK!”

He finished the tweet: “Let’s take a stand!”

According to the text Kashuv included, the girl allegedly said she was called a murderer for not attending the march, told she should kill herself for supporting the Second Amendment.

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“And they said they’d rape me,” she reportedly said, before adding that she called 911.

Some understandably thought the text messages could have been faked but Kashuv maintained the text messages were real, adding that while he couldn’t vouch for the claims, he believed the person making them has no reason to lie to him.

One person asked:

“Working on it,” Kashuv said in response.

Reaction was what one might expect:

Another person noted that this is the kind of treatment NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch receives every day.

Others added:

One person suggested the girl should have attended the march:

Others suggested that it would probably do no good for the girl to report it to authorities in Broward County, given the way they mishandled the shooter.

Kashuv hasn’t provided any additional information as of this writing, however, another brouhaha ensued when a Planned Parenthood senior advisor targeted him and his prom date:

After going after the two young people, Thorp reportedly condemned Twitter trolling…

As I’ve repeatedly said since February 2011, liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of insane rage and hate.

We’re still waiting for CNN and MSNBC to condemn these actions against Kashuv and the young women in question, but we’re not going to hold our breath.


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