Kristen Bell and her liberal fairy tale gone horribly wrong

Kristen Bell. Photo: Screen capture.
Kristen Bell. Photo: Screen capture.

Everyone knows cutesy-pootsy Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard (aka: Mr. Kristen Bell) from their slews of VERY lucrative Samsung commercials. Isn’t it cute when limousine liberals advocate the skyrocketing costs of basics for the rest of us?

Be it Barack Obama’s alleged foreign policy or yet another spoiled rich Hollywood-type making noise about how evil conservatives are, whenever liberals open their collective pie holes, they should begin with “Once upon a time.” Oh, and they should do it with their fingers crossed. That’s essentially the case of actress and singer Kristen Bell‘s latest swipe at both the Republican Party as well as the TEA Party movement.

I will give a hearty thumbs up to the make-up crew’s transforming the comely lass into an uncanny Mary Poppins look-a-like. I also am willing to admit she does have a rather lovely voice. But that’s where the kudos come to an end.

As evidenced in her FunnyOrDie.com parody of the Disney classic, Bell’s version of Mary Poppins has to quit her job due to not being able to make it on minimum wage. As set to the tune of “A Spoonful of Sugar,” Bell at least starts off correctly by pointing out that everyone sees their take-home pay gutted after the government hammers the workers with a rather large amount taken in the form of taxes, social security, and medicare.

As she breaks out in song to let the world know, “Just a three dollar increase can make a living wage.” Somehow forgetting who creates jobs to begin with, we’re made to understand “The CEO’s in fancy suits getting their own trumpet toots forget how hard it is to work a shift. They don’t like to break a sweat, they prefer to just collect…”

Yowza. Can that gal deliver a line or what?

Obviously, the girl with the golden tresses didn’t pay much attention in her Econ 101 class. Edmund Burke, she ain’t. One doesn’t need to be a genius to comprehend that an almost 50 percent pay raise for labor will cause greater costs in goods and services. Using Kristen Bell’s Sesame Street version of how to run an economy, why not raise the minimum wage to $20 … or why not $100 an hour? I’ll tell you why – I’m not a big fan of $35 a gallon gasoline.

But I digress, so where exactly does the young Ms. Bell stand financially? After all, she can take to social media and wag her well manicured finger at all those evil suit wearing CEOs, she must know first hand what it’s like at the lower end of the pay scale. Well, not really.

According to Kristen Bell’s page on CelebrityNetWorth.com, the pretty little blonde is worth a cool $16 million. And just in case she happens to fall on hard times, there’s always the financial backstop provided by her hubby. Married to Dax Shepard of “Punk’d” and “Baby Mama” fame, Bell may have to cut a few corners in the lifestyle she’s grown accustomed to. Shepard is only worth a paltry $10 million.

The liberal world will have to understand if I fail to be impressed by Bell’s cute but rather silly advice.


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