Kim Dotcom’s Mysterious Tweet About Hillary’s Deleted Emails

A man named Kim Dotcom dropped a cryptic tweet on Wednesday, allegedly telling Trey Gowdy, Sean Hannity and Donald Trump where to get Hillary’s deleted emails. He told them the emails were in the possession of the NSA under a special file. The first question we had was: who is this guy? Turns out the story is much much deeper than one tweet.

So…if he knows where they are and can access them, did he or will he send them to Wikileaks? He is no dummy, so he full well knows that news media would pick up his tweet immediately. He’s not favorable to the US Government and here’s why:

kim dotcom
Kim Dotcom aka Kim Schmitz

Asset forfeiture

Kim Dotcom (real name Kim Schmitz) is the CEO of an online Hong Kong based company called “Megaupload.” Basically, he’s an internet tycoon. Five years ago, ALL of his assets were seized by the U.S. government in a “civil forfeiture” as being “proceeds from criminal activity.” He was said to be worth $67 Million when that happened.

Even though Mr. Dotcom filed an appeal against their action, because he lives in another country and has never been to America, the judge ruled him as a “fugitive” and issued a “default judgment” which in effect, allowed the US government to take all of his assets.

Techdirt wrote in 2015,

“About a month ago we covered the basics of the lawsuit by which the US government was seeking to keep pretty much all of Kim Dotcom’s assets, despite the fact that Dotcom himself hasn’t been tried — and, in fact, it hasn’t even been determined if he can be extradited to the United States (a country he’s never visited). This week, that case took another step, with the judge, Liam O’Grady, who had already ruled that Kim Dotcom could be considered a “fugitive,” more or less finalizing the theft of Dotcom’s assets by declaring a default judgment in favor of the US. This isn’t the end of the process (not by a longshot), but it highlights just how the US government can use some ridiculous procedures to steal millions in assets from someone who hasn’t been shown to be guilty of anything.”

But before you feel too sorry for him:

Kim’s mansion in New Zealand

The government side: Pirating- a violation of US Copyright laws

The government alleges that Kim Dotcom pirated the music and videos that he had on his website for people to upload. He claims he has worked with the owners. In 2012, when his New Zealand mansion was raided, he was arrested for that piracy. Police seized $40 Million cash and property when that occurred.

Daily Mail reported on January 22, 2012:

Users could upload material to the company’s sites which then would create a link that could be distributed.

The sites, which included video, music and pornography, did not provide search capabilities but rather relied on others to publish the links, the U.S. indictment said.

Megaupload’s U.S. lawyer said the company would ‘vigorously defend itself’ and was trying to recover its servers and get back online.      

The Megaupload group used more than 1,500 computer servers in Virginia, Washington D.C., France and the Netherlands to host its sites, according to the FBI.       


Dotcom has been out on bail, as have the other defendants in the case. The raid on his home was at first declared illegal by a lower court, then re-instituted by a higher court. The court also found that the NZ police had illegally spied on him. The extradition hearing was completed in September of 2016. Since then, Kim Dotcom has promised a new website in January of 2017, Megaupload 2.0, which may use Bitcoin as its funding source.

So the questions remain – is his tweet authentic? Does he REALLY know where Hillary’s deleted emails are? He is tech savvy, if in a self-aggrandizing, greedy, perverted way. People with an axe to grind can be formidable opponents.

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